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Militant Grace: The Apocalyptic Turn and the Future of Christian Theology Ziegler, Philip G. 256 2018
Strange Fire: Reading the Bible after the Holocaust Brueggemann, Walter; Weisel, Elie; Beal, Timothy K.; Boesel, Chris; Levy, B. Barry; Rendtorff, Rolf; Krondorfer, Björn; Ajzenstat, O. E.; Nevo, Matthew del; Jacobs, Steven L.; Boer, Roland; Koosed, Jennifer L.; Kellenbach, Katharina von; Tull, Patricia K.; Sweeney, Marvin A.; Landy, Francis; Rubenstein, Richard L.; Kepnes, Stephen; Linafelt, Tod; George, Mark K. 304 2000
Beyond the Bible: Moving from Scripture to Theology Marshall, I. Howard; Vanhoozer, Kevin J.; Porter, Stanley E. 136 ASBT 2004
The Story of Christian Theology: Twenty Centuries of Tradition & Reform Olson, Roger E. 652 1999
The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited McKnight, Scot 192 2011
The Mosaic of Christian Belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity & Diversity Olson, Roger E. 367 2002
 Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts Keener, Craig S. 1248 2011
Five Views on Law and Gospel Gundry, Stanley N.; Bahnsen, Greg L.; Kaiser, Jr., Walter C.; Moo, Douglas J.; Strickland, Wayne G.; VanGemeren, Willem A. 416 CP 1996
Perspectives on Our Father Abraham: Essays in Honor of Marvin R. Wilson Green, Roger J.; Yamauchi, Edwin M.; Oswalt, John N.; Hildebrandt, Ted; Hunt, Steven A.; Phillips, Elaine A.; Fee, Gordon D.; Barcley, William B.; Ciampa, Roy E.; Mathewson, David L.; Zucker, David J.; Klatzker, David; Winner, Lauren F.; Sargent, Mark L.; Rudin, A. James; Magnuson, JoAnn G.; Brinton, Rebecca Gates 397 2012
Theology as Discipleship Johnson, Keith L. 224 2015
He Descended to the Dead: An Evangelical Theology of Holy Saturday Emerson, Matthew Y. 272 2019
The Day the Earth Stands Still: unmasking the old Gods behind ETs, UFOs, & the official disclosure movement Gilbert, Derek P.; Peck, Josh 273 2017
Last Clash of the Titans: the second coming of Hercules, Leviathan, & the prophesied war between Jesus Christ & the gods of antiquity Gilbert, Derek P. 300 2018
Bad Moon Rising: Islam, Armageddon, and the most diabolical double-cross in history Gilbert, Derek P. 341 2019
Veneration: Unveiling the Ancient Realms of Demonic Kings and Satan's Battle Plan for Armageddon Gilbert, Sharon K.; Gilbert, Derek P. 2019
The Gospels and the Scriptures of Israel Bock, Darrell L.; O'Rourke, John J.; Trumbower, Jeffrey A.; Dunn, James D. G.; Harvey, A. E.; DeYoung, James B.; Danker, Frederick W.; Sanders, James A.; Pesch, Rudolf; Carson, D. A.; Marcus, Joel; Stegner, William Richard; Krause, Deborah; Buchanan, George Wesley; Allison, Jr., Dale C.; Kurz, William S.; Finkel, Asher; Evans, Craig A.; Hanson, Anthony T.; Hengel, Martin; Porter, Stanley E.; Painter, John; Michaels, J. Ramsey 512 LNTS 1999
Christian Experience in Theology and Life: papers read at the 1984 Conference of the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians Marshall, I. Howard 198 1988
The Futures of Evangelicalism Marshall, I. Howard; Bartholomew, Craig G.; McGrath, Alister E.; Vanhoozer, Kevin J.; Goldsworthy, Greame; Wright, Christopher J. H.; Perry, Robin; Peterson, Eugene H.; Laughery, Gregory J.; Scotland, Nigel; Ruthven, Jonathan; Lazarus, Stephen 352 2003
Kept by the Power of God: A Study of Perseverance and Falling Away Marshall, I. Howard 281 2008
Doing Theology for the People of God: Studies in Honor of J.I. Packer Marshall, I. Howard; Lewis, Donald M.; McGrath, Alister E.; Stott, John R. W.; Kantzer, Kenneth S.; Beckwith, Roger T.; Wright, David F.; Brown, Colin; Waltke, Bruce K.; Dumbrell, William J.; Barnett, Paul W.; Nicole, Roger; Noll, Mark A.; Jensen, Peter F.; Houston, James M.; Wilkinson, Loren E. 280 1996
The Purpose of the Biblical Genealogies: With Special Reference to the Setting of the Genealogies of Jesus Johnson, Marshall D. 352 SNTSMS 1989
Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities Olson, Roger E. 250 2006
The Journey of Modern Theology: From Reconstruction to Deconstruction Olson, Roger E. 720 2013
Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology Kaiser, Jr., Walter C.; Doriani, Daniel M.; Vanhoozer, Kevin J.; Webb, William J.; Strauss, Mark L.; Wolters, Al; Wright, Christopher J. H. 384 CP 2009
Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism Gundry, Stanley N.; Stamoolis, James J.; Packer, J. I.; Nassif, Brad; Horton, Michael S.; Berzonsky, Vladimir; Hancock-Stefan, George; Rommen, Edward 302 CP 2004
Four Views on Divine Providence Jowers, Dennis; Gundry, Stanley N.; Craig, William Lane; Highfield, Ron; Boyd, Gregory A.; Helseth, Paul Kjoss 272 CP 2011
Five Views on Sanctification Gundry, Stanley N.; Dieter, Melvin E.; Hoekema, Anthony A.; Horton, Stanley M.; McQuilkin, J. Robertson; Walvoord, John F. 256 CP 1996
The Future of Evangelical Theology: Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora Yong, Amos 285 2014
Atonement, Law, and Justice: The Cross in Historical and Cultural Contexts Vidu, Adonis 304 2014
Bring Forth Justice Scott, Waldron 318 BTCL 1997
The Meaning of the City Ellul, Jacques 209 BTCL 1997
Reformed and Always Reforming: The Postconservative Approach to Evangelical Theology Olson, Roger E. 256 ASBT 2007
Exploring Psychology and Christian Faith: An Introductory Guide Moes, Paul; Tellinghuisen, Donald J. 304 2014
Children in Early Christian Narratives Betsworth, Sharon 224 LNTS 2015
Jesse's Lineage: The Legendary Lives of David, Jesus, and Jesse James Koosed, Jennifer L.; Seesengood, Robert 176 LNTS 2014
The Open Mind: Essays in Honour of Christopher Rowland Dobronruka, Vincente; Draper, Jonathan A.; Fletcher-Louis, Crispin H. T.; Foster, Paul; Gieschen, Charles A.; Gregory, Andrew; Knight, Jonathan; Munoa, Phillip B.; Nicklas, Tobias; Orlov, Andrei A.; Rogerson, John William; Sullivan, Kevin P.; DeConick, April D. 224 LNTS 2014
Theological Commentary: Evangelical Perspectives Allen, Michael; Peterson, Ryan; Kapic, Kelly M.; Treier, Daniel J.; Vanhoozer, Kevin J.; Swain, Scott R.; Blocher, Henri; Horton, Michael S.; McGowan, Andrew B.; Moberly, R. W. L.; Carson, D. A. 232 2011
The Development of Doctrine Marshall, I. Howard 136 ASBT 2004
The Search for Biblical Principles Marshall, I. Howard 136 ASBT 2004
Into the Great "Beyond" : a theologian's response to the Marshall Plan Vanhoozer, Kevin J. 136 ASBT 2004
Hermeneutics, Biblical Interpretation, and Theology : Hunch, Holy Spirit, or Hard Work? Porter, Stanley E. 136 ASBT 2004
A Scriptural Theology of Eucharistic Blessings Bubbers, Susan I. 288 LNTS 2015
Perspectives on the Sabbath: Three Views MacCarty, Skip; Pipa, Jospeh A.; Blomberg, Craig L.; Arand, Charles P. 400 Pers 2011
Perspectives on Christian Worship: Five Views Duncan, Ligon; Kimball, Dan; Lawrence, Matthew; Dever, Mark; Quill, Timothy; Wilt, Dan 368 Pers 2009
Children’s Bibles in America: A Reception History of the Story of Noah’s Ark in U.S. Children’s Bibles Dalton, Russell W. 256 ST 2015
The Messiah: Developments in Earliest Judaism and Christianity Charlesworth, James H.; Roberts, J. J. M.; Heintz, J. G.; Hanson, Paul D.; Talmon, Shemaryahu; Schiffman, Lawrence H.; Borsch, F. H.; Black, Matthew; VanderKam, James C.; Mack, B. L.; Priest, J.; Bokser, B. M.; Mendels, Doron; Horsley, Richard A.; Segal, Alan F.; Borgen, Peder; Dunn, James D. G.; Dahl, Nils Alstrup; Aune, David E.; Hengel, Martin; Juel, Donald H.; Hamerton-Kelly, R. G.; Davies, W. D.; Anderson, Hugh; Collins, Adela Yarbro 628 2009
The Unexpected Christian Century: The Reversal and Transformation of Global Christianity, 1900-2000 Sunquist, Scott W. 240 2015
The Body in Biblical, Christian and Jewish Texts Jacobs, Sandra; Mathias, Steffan; Strine, Casey; Taylor, Joan E.; Harrocks, Rebecca; Turner, Katie; Hayter, Daniel; Fletcher, Michelle; Grojnowski, Davina; Uncut, Thecla; Clenman, Laliv 304 LSTS 2015
The Temple in Text and Tradition: A Festschrift in Honour of Robert Hayward Alexander, Philip S.; Briggs, Richard S.; Corley, Jeremy; Samely, Alex 343 LSTS 2014
Fieldwork in Theology: Exploring the Social Context of God's Work in the World Scharen, Christian 144 CaPC 2015
A Guide to Religious Thought and Practices Patro, Santanu K.; Bediako, Gillian Mary; Bhattacharyya, Prabhakar; Hettiarachchi, Shanthikumar; Jain, Priyadarshana; Kessler, Ed; Bowen, Roger; Jawad, Haifaa; Bala, Shashi 192 ISG 2015
Asian Theology on the Way: Christianity, Culture, and Context eds. Rajkumar, Peniel 192 ISG 2015
A Guide to Doing Theology eds. Parratt, John 144 ISG 2015
The Pericope of the Adulteress in Contemporary Research Punch, J. D.; Wasserman, Tommy; Knust, Jennifer; Keith, Chris; Robinson, Maurice A.; Hurtado, Larry W. 224 LNTS 2016
Prophecy and Discernment  (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine) Moberly, R. W. L. 300 2008
African Theology on the Way: Current Conversations eds. Stinton, Diane B. 208 ISG 2015
Judas Iscariot: Damned or Redeemed A Critical Examination of the Portrayal of Judas in Jesus Films (1902-2014) Hebron, Carol A. 288 ST 2016
Suffering in Ancient Worldview: Luke, Seneca and 4 Maccabees in Dialogue Tabb, Brian J. 224 LNTS 2017
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Law eds. Strawn, Brent A. 1176 2015
Decisive Meals: Table Politics in Biblical Literature MacDonald, Nathan; Plietzsch, Susanne; Ehrensperger, Kathy; Rehmann, Luzia Sutter; Altmann, Peter; Kobel, Esther; Taussig, Hal; Rapp, Ursula; Standhartinger, Angela; Suadi, Soham Al 200 LNTS 2012
Theology as Interdisciplinary Inquiry: Learning with and from the Natural and Human Sciences eds. Mauldin, Joshua; Lovin, Robin W. 202 2017
Reading Scripture as a Political Act: Essays on the Theopolitical Interpretation of the Bible eds. Tapie, Matthew A.; McClain, Daniel Wade 334 2015
A Brief History of Sunday: From the New Testament to the New Creation González, Justo L. 176 2017
Creation Untamed: The Bible, God, and Natural Disasters Fretheim, Terence E. 176 2010
Dictionary of Christianity and Science The Definitive Reference for the Intersection of Christian Faith and Contemporary Science eds. Copan, Paul; Longman III, Tremper; Reese, Christopher L.; Strauss, Michael 704 2017
Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History of Christian Disunity Whitlock Jr., Luder G. 248 2017
Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology (Cultural Liturgies) Smith, James K. A. 256 2017
Flourishing in Faith: Theology Encountering Positive Psychology eds. Ambler, Gillies; Anstey, Matthew P.; McCall, Theo D.; White, Mathew A. 240 2017
In Search of Ancient Roots: The Christian Past and the Evangelical Identity Crisis Stewart, Kenneth J. 304 2017
Exile: A Conversation with N. T. Wright Wright, N. T. 336 2017
Sons in the Son: The Riches and Reach of Adoption in Christ Garner, David B. 400 2016
Divine Simplicity: A Biblical and Trinitarian Account Barrett, Jordan P. 240 ES 2017
Fullness Received and Returned: Trinity and Participation in Jonathan Edwards Tan, Seng-Kong 528 ES 2014
A Free Corrector: Colin Gunton and the Legacy of Augustine McNall, Joshua 224 ES 2015
Embodied Words, Spoken Signs: Sacramentality and the Word in Rahner and Chauvet Beaton, Rhodora E. 208 ES 2014
Christians in an Age of Wealth: A Biblical Theology of Stewardship Blomberg, Craig L. 272 BTfL 2013
Knowing and the Trinity How: Perspectives in Human Knowledge Imitate the Trinity Poythress, Vern S. 488 2018
All Things Hold Together in Christ: A Conversation on Faith, Science, and Virtue Smith, James K. A. ; Gulker, Michael L. 400 2018
The Bible, Gender, and Reception History: The Case of Job's Wife Low, Katherine 240 ST 2013
The First World War and the Mobilization of Biblical Scholarship Irish, Tomás; Demy, Timothy; Bormann, Lukas; Chapman, Mark; Collins, Matthew A.; Kurtz, Paul Michael; MacDonald, Nathan; Mein, Andrew; Heschel, Susannah; van Henten, Jan Willem; Crossley, James G.; Pyper, Hugh; Marchand, Suzanne L. 272 ST 2018
Criticism and Confession: The Bible in the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters (Oxford-Warburg Studies) Hardy, Nicholas 480 2017
The Function of Scripture in Early Jewish and Christian Tradition Phillips, Elaine A.; Newman, Judith H.; Borgman, Paul; Buchanan, George Wesley; Freund, Richard A.; Enns, Peter; Soll, Will; Buth, Randall; Delamarter, Steve; Menn, Esther M.; Cook, Joan E.; Lyke, Larry L.; Clements, Ruth Anne; Taylor, Stephen S. 352 LNTS 1998
Translating the Bible: Problems and Prospects Porter, Stanley E.; Hess, Richard S.; Whang, Y. C.; Pearson, Brook W. R. ; Allert, Craig D.; Rogerson, John William; O'Donnell, Matthew Brook; Martín-Asensio, Gustavo; Hatina, Thomas R.; Clarke, Kent D. 338 LNTS 2004
Texts Reading Texts, Sacred and Secular: Two Postmodern Perspectives Jack, Alison 235 LNTS 1999
Configuring Nicodemus: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Complex Characterization Whitenton, Michael R. 192 LNTS 2019
Resurrection Porter, Stanley E.; Hayes, Michael A.; Tombs, David; Jarick, John; Pearson, Brook W. R. ; Evans, Craig A.; Barker, Margaret; Westfall, Cynthia Long; O'Donnell, Matthew Brook; Gibson, Arthur; O'Collins, Gerald; Cortese, Delia; Klassen, Norman; Porter, Wendy J.; Taylor, Neil; Pinsent, Pat; Holderness, Graham; Anonby, John; McCarron, Kevin 376 LNTS 1999
The Coming Crisis: The Impact of Eschatology on Theology in Edwardian England Chapman, Mark 194 LNTS 2001
Swords and Plowshares: American Evangelicals on War, 1937–1973 Padgett, Timothy 320 SHST 2018
The Lion of Princeton: B.B. Warfield as Apologist and Theologian Riddlebarger, Kim 336 SHST 2014
God’s Time For Us: Barth on the Reconciliation of Eternity and Time in Jesus Christ Cassidy, James J. 186 SHST 2016
The Race set before us  A Biblical Theology Of Perseverance And Assurance  By Schreiner, Thomas R. 350 2001
Wilderness: Essays in Honour of Frances Young Williams, Rowan; Horne, Simon; Trevett, Christine; Treacy-Cole, Diane; Wall, Lynne; Moyise, Steve P.; Lieu, Judith M.; Joyce, Paul M.; Stewart-Sykes, Alistair; Harvey, Susan Ashbrook; Rowland, Christopher; Tilby, Angela; Ford, David F.; Vanier, Jean; Hunt, Emily; Robinson, Neal 224 LNTS 2005
Ascribe to the Lord: Biblical and Other Essays in Memory of Peter C. Craigie eds. Eslinger, Lyle M. 654 LHBOTS 1988
The Lord's Supper as the Sign and Meal of the New Covenant Waters, Guy Prentiss 128 SSBT 2019
The Violence of the Biblical God: Canonical Narrative and Christian Faith Hawk, L. Daniel 248 2019
Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship the Same God?: Four Views Schwartz, Wm. Andrew; Cobb Jr., John B.; Beckwith, Francis J.; McDermott, Gerald R.; Walls, Jerry L.; Cumming, Joseph; Shenk, David W. 240 CP 2019
How to Read Theology for All Its Worth Stetina, Karin Spiecker 224 2020
Heavenly Realms and Earthly Realities in Late Antique Religions eds. Boustan, Ra'anan S.; Reed, Annette Yoshiko 352 2009
Who Is Like You, among the Gods?: A Prayer Digest Based on the Original Biblical Languages Heiser, Michael S. 68 2021

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