New International Greek Testament Commentary

The New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC) series is established on the presupposition that the theological character of the New Testament documents calls for exegesis that is sensitive to theological themes as well as to the details of the historical, linguistic, and textual context. Such thorough exegetical work lies at the heart of these volumes, which contain detailed verse-by-verse commentary preceded by general comments on each section and subsection of the text.

An important aim of the NIGTC authors is to interact with the wealth of significant research published in recent articles and monographs. In this connection the authors make their own scholarly contributions to the ongoing study of the biblical text.

While engaging the major questions of text and interpretation at a scholarly level, the authors keep in mind the needs of the beginning student of Greek as well as the pastor or layperson who may have studied the language at some time but does not now use it on a regular basis.

Series Editors: Mark Goodacre and Todd D. Still
Previous Editors: I. Howard Marshall, W. Ward Gasque, and Donald A. Hagner

N.B. As of 2014, volumes in this series are only issued in hardcover during the first print run, thereafter shifting to paperback. The publisher, Eerdmans, explains these plans in a blog post: "After crunching the numbers, it was the only way we could realistically afford to keep reprinting older NIGTC volumes, which are noted both for their hefty page counts and their somewhat niche market. Neither of our other available options appealed to us at all: 1. Raise the price on hardcover volumes to over $100 apiece. 2. Let older volumes in the series go out of print. We hope our faithful NIGTC readers can understand the difficult decision we faced — and why we ultimately chose the course of action we did."



2026 Shively, Elizabeth Evans The Gospel of Mark
? Dinkler, Michal Beth The Gospel of Luke
? Bauckham, Richard J. The Gospel of John
2027 Gooder, Paula The Second Epistle to the Corinthians
? Turner, Max The Epistle to the Ephesians
? Martin, Troy W. The First Epistle of Peter
2026 Smith, Shively T. J. The Second Epistle of Peter and the Epistle of Jude