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All Commentaries on Judges

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
Judges, Ruth Block, Daniel I. 761 NAC 1999
Judges: Such a Great Salvation Davis, Dale Ralph 240 FB 2000
Judges, Ruth Younger Jr., K. Lawson 512 NIVAC 2002
Judges and Ruth Cundall, Arthur E.; Morris, Leon 307 TOTC 2008
Judges Niditch, Susan 336 OTL 2008
Judges McCann Jr., J. Clinton 146 IBC 2003
The Message of Judges Wilcock, Michael 175 BST 1992
Judges Butler, Trent C. 400 WBC 2008
Numbers - Samuel Olson, Dennis T.; Dozeman, Thomas B.; Clements, Ronald E.; Coote, Robert B.; Robertson Farmer, Kathleen A.; Birch, Bruce C. 1388 NIB 1998
Judges, Ruth Jackman, David TPC 2002
Judges Brensinger, Terry L. 262 BCBC 1999
Judges Olson, Dennis T. 1388 NIB 1998
Judges Boling, Robert G. 360 AYB 1974
Judges Through the Centuries Gunn, David M. 344 BBC 2005
A Commentary on Judges and Ruth Chisholm Jr., Robert B. 688 KEL 2013
 Judges: A Theological Commentary for Preachers Kuruvilla, Abraham 350 2017
Judges Boda, Mark J. 1360 REBC 2012
Judges For You: For reading, for feeding, for leading Keller, Timothy 224 GWFY 2013
Judges Schneider, Tammi J. 317 BO 2000
Judges: Gods War Against Humanism Jordan, James B. 334 1985
Judges and Ruth Matthews, Victor H. 292 NCBC 2004
Joshua, Judges, Ruth Harris, J. Gordon; Brown, Cheryl A.; Moore, Michael S. 416 UBOT 2000
Joshua, Judges, and Ruth Auld, A. Graeme 292 DSB 2006
 Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel Wolf, Herbert; Kalland, Earl S.; Madvig, Donald H.; Huey, F. B.; Youngblood, Ronald F. 1120 EBC 1992
Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel Keil, C. F.; Delitzsch, Franz 7744 COT 2006
The Book of Judges Webb, Barry G. 480 NICOT 2012
Judges and Ruth Evans, Mary J. TOTC 2017
Judges Gorospe, Athena E.; Ringma, Charles R. ABC 2016
Judges Soggin, J. Alberto 324 OTL 1981
Conquest and Crisis: Studies in Joshua, Judges and Ruth Davis, John J. 278 2008
Judges García-Bachmann, Mercedes L. 328 WC 2018
Joshua and Judges Razu, I. John Mohan 171 DBC 2012
Historical books of the Bible Kizhakkeyil, Sebastian 307 2007
Judges Smith, Mark S.; Bloch-Smith, Elizabeth 875 Herm
Be Available (Judges): Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy Wiersbe, Warren W. 181 BE 2010
Judges Moore, George Foot 528 ICC 1910
Judges & Ruth Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G.; Lipsey, Matthew 380 ABCS 2007
Opening up Judges Robinson, Simon J. 128 OUB 2006
Joshua, Judges, and Ruth Pressler, Carolyn 312 WBComp 2002
Judges Frolov, Serge 384 FOTL 2013
Joshua, Judges, Ruth eds. Amos, N. Scott 450 RCS 2020
Right in Their Own Eyes: The Gospel According to Judges Schwab, George M. 240 GOT 2011
Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1–2 Samuel eds. Franke, John R. 458 ACCS 2005
Judges Wolf, Herbert 1120 EBC 1992
Judges & Ruth Cundall, Arthur E.; Morris, Leon 318 TOTC 1981
Joshua, Judges, Ruth Gray, John 440 NCB 1986
Judges 1–12 Sasson, Jack M. 616 AYB 2014
Joshua–Esther (Vol. 1, Part 2) Wilson, Charles R. WesBC 1967
Judges Stone, Lawson G. 475 CBC 2012
Judges Beldman, David J. H. 296 THOTC 2020
The Bible Knowledge Commentary Old Testament Lindsey, F. Duane; Ross, Allen P.; Hannah, John D.; Merrill, Eugene H.; Deere, Jack S.; Campbell, Donald K.; Reed, John W.; Constable, Thomas L.; Martin, John A.; Getz, Gene A.; Zuck, Roy; Buzzell, Sid S.; Glenn, Donald R.; Dyer, Charles H.; Pentecost, J. Dwight; Chisholm Jr., Robert B.; Sunukjian, Donald R.; Baker, Walter L.; Johnson, Elliott E.; Blue, J. Ronald; Blaising, Craig A. 1600 1985
Judges Lindsey, F. Duane 1600 1985
The Book of the Judges: An Integrated Reading Webb, Barry G. 280 2008
Judges: At Risk in the Promised Land Hamlin, E. John 194 ITCe 1990
Joshua, Judges Faley, Roland J. 136 NColBC 2011
Reading Judges: A Literary and Theological Commentary Biddle, Mark E. 240 RtOT 2012
Judges ZIBBC 2009
Judges Mayes, Andrew D. H. OTG
Handbook on the Historical Books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther Hamilton, Victor P. 560 2008
Judges and Ruth: God in Chaos Webb, Barry G. 304 PtW 2015
He Descended to the Dead: An Evangelical Theology of Holy Saturday Emerson, Matthew Y. 272 2019
Judges, Ruth (Rev. ed.) Younger Jr., K. Lawson 512 NIVAC 2021
Judges: A Narrative of God's Power Barber, Cyril J. 293 1990
Joshua, Judges, and Ruth for Everyone Goldingay, John 216 OTE 2011
Judges and Ruth Smit, Laura; Fowl, Stephen E. 320 BTCB 2018
Judges, Ruth Phillip, W. Gary 364 HOTC 2004
Preaching Judges Jeter, Joseph R. 176 PCT 2003
Even in Darkness, Judges and Ruth simply explained Keddie, Gordon J. 144 WCS 1993
Joshua, Judges, Ruth Stone, Lawson G.; Coleson, Joseph; Driesbach, Jason 475 CBC 2012
Judges Spronk, Klass 582 HCOT 2019
Joshua and Judges Cohen, Abraham; Rosenberg, A. J.; Oratz, E. 331 SBB 1982
The Book of Judges Martin, James D. 250 CBCOT 1975
Judges and Ruth Dray, Stephen 160 FB 1997
Numbers–Ruth Boda, Mark J.; Allen, Ronald B.; Grisanti, Michael A.; Kelly, Michael; Schwab, George M. 1360 REBC 2012
History of Israel: Volume 2 Mills, Watson E.; Wilson, Richard F. 316 MCB 1998
Joshua - Judges - Ruth Rosson, M. E. 318 ABB 2008
Judges and Ruth Lewis, Arthur 132 EvBC 2001
Judges & Ruth Fleenor, Rob; Ziese, Mark S. 398 CPNIV 2008
Judges: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition Branson, Robert 192 NBBC 2009
Judges Utley, Bob FBC
Judges and Ruth Way, Kenneth C. 272 TTCS 2016
Judges and Ruth Ridall, R. Clyde 704 Beacon 1965
Judges 240 LBC 2013
Joshua, Judges and Ruth Macleod, F. Wayne 232 LMP 2012
The Early Prophets (The Schocken Bible: Volume 2) Fox, Everett 1024 SB 2014
The Book of Judges Rosenberg, A. J. 400 JP 1979
Judges/Ruth Lawrenz, John 272 PBC 2005
Joshua, Judges, Ruth (Bible Student's Commentary) Goslinga, C. J. 558 BSsC 1987
Theology of Work Bible Commentary: Volume 2: Joshua through Song of Songs ToWBC 2015
Judges and Ruth: Commentary, Notes and Study Questions Mitch, Curtis; Hahn, Scott; Barber, Michael P. 69 ICSB 2014
Judges: A Critical & Rhetorical Commentary Nelson, Richard D. 335 2017
Judges: The Perils of Possession Hattin, Michael 236 MST 2020
Judges 1: 1:1–10:5 Smith, Mark S.; Bloch-Smith, Elizabeth 875 Herm 2021
Judges Boda, Mark J.; Conway, Mary L. 608 ZECOT 2022
Judges Razu, I. John Mohan 171 DBC 2012
Volume 2: Deuteronomy–Ruth Van Pelt, Miles V.; Konkel, August H.; Reimer, David J.; Hannah, Mary Willson 752 ESVEC 2021
Judges Van Pelt, Miles V. 752 ESVEC 2021
Judges 1-5: A New Translation and Commentary Lindars, Barnabas 1995
Joshua to 2 Kings White, Ellen G. 1040 SDABC 1954

Forthcoming Commentaries

Year Author Title Series
2028 Knight, Michelle E. Judges Baker Commentary on the Old Testament
forthcoming Block, Daniel I. Judges and Ruth Christian Standard Commentary
forthcoming Gorospe, Athena E. Judges Story of God Bible Commentary
forthcoming Hugenberger, Gordon P. Judges Apollos Old Testament Commentary
forthcoming Kirk-Duggan, Cheryl A. Joshua and Judges Belief: Theological Commentary on the Bible
forthcoming Kirk-Duggan, Cheryl A. Judges Belief: Theological Commentary on the Bible
forthcoming Mabie, Frederick Judges Evangelical Exegetical Commentary
forthcoming Mayes, Andrew D. H. Judges International Critical Commentary
forthcoming Redmond, Eric; Platt, David Exalting Jesus in Judges and Ruth Christ-Centered Exposition
forthcoming Ross, Jillian L. Judges Pillar Old Testament Commentary
forthcoming Sanderson, Judith E. Judges Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary
forthcoming Sasson, Jack M. Judges 13–21 Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Smith, Mark S.; Bloch-Smith, Elizabeth Judges 2: 10:6–21:25 Hermeneia
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