Messianic Judaism

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Messianic Judaism: A Modern Movement With an Ancient Past: (A Revision of Messianic Jewish Manifesto) Stern, David H. 320 2007
Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: New Testament Objections Brown, Michael L. 384 2006
Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith Wilson, Marvin R. 395 1989
To the Jew First: The Case for Jewish Evangelism in Scripture and History eds. Bock, Darrell L.; Glaser, Mitch 352 2008
Voices of Messianic Judaism: Confronting Critical Issues Facing a Maturing Movement eds. Cohn-Sherbok, Dan 256 2001
The Enduring Paradox: Exploratory Essays in Messianic Judaism eds. Fischer, John 196 2000
How Jewish Is Christianity? 2 Views on the Messianic Movement eds. Gundry, Stanley N.; Goldberg, Louis 208 CP 2003
Paul and Palestinian Judaism: A Comparison of Patterns of Religion Sanders, E. P. 627 1977
Jesus and Judaism Sanders, E. P. 444 1985
The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supercessionism: Resources for Christians eds. Smith, Calvin L. 164 2009
Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage: A Christian Theology of Roots and Renewal Wilson, Marvin R. 332 2014
Judaism is Not Jewish: A Friendly Critique of the Messianic Movement Maoz, Baruch 400 2003
The Real Kosher Jesus: Revealing the Mysteries of the Hidden Messiah Brown, Michael L. 249 2012
Israel's Messiah and the People of God: A Vision for Messianic Jewish Covenant Fidelity Kinzer, Mark S. 250 2012
 Post-missionary Messianic Judaism: Redefining Christian Engagement with the Jewish People Kinzer, Mark S. 320 2005
Introduction to Messianic Judaism: Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations Rudolph, David J.; Willitts, Joel 320 2013
Perspectives on Our Father Abraham: Essays in Honor of Marvin R. Wilson Green, Roger J.; Yamauchi, Edwin M.; Oswalt, John N.; Hildebrandt, Ted; Hunt, Steven A.; Phillips, Elaine A.; Fee, Gordon D.; Barcley, William B.; Ciampa, Roy E.; Mathewson, David L.; Zucker, David J.; Klatzker, David; Winner, Lauren F.; Sargent, Mark L.; Rudin, A. James; Magnuson, JoAnn G.; Brinton, Rebecca Gates 397 2012
Messianic Judaism Harris-Shapiro, Carol 232 2000
Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding Tverberg, Lois 288 2018
Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewish Words of Jesus Can Change Your Life Tverberg, Lois 240 2012
Listening to the Language of the Bible: Hearing it Through Jesus' Ears Tverberg, Lois 174 2004
The Partings of the Ways: Between Christianity and Judaism and Their Significance for the Character of Christianity Dunn, James D. G. 368 1992
With Jesus in Jerusalem Pixner, Bargil 184 1996
Jews and Christians: The Parting of the Ways, A.D. 70 to 135 Dunn, James D. G. 414 1999
Jesus through Jewish Eyes eds. Bruteau, Beatrice 191 2001
Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology (Studies in Messianic Jewish Theology) Harvey, Richard S. 2009
Converging Destinies: Jews, Christians, and the Mission of God Dauermann, Stuart 326 2017
Messiah in the Passover Glaser, Mitch; Walter, Robert; Flashman, Robert H.; Law, Gordon; Bock, Darrell L.; Crawford, Brian; Nassau, Scott P.; Hagg, Gregory; Melnick, Olivier; Glasser, Zhava; Nessim, Daniel; Cohen, Michael; Feldman, Larry; Freeman, Richard E.; Sedaca, David; Wilson, Cathy; Goldstein-Davies, Rachel; Theodoret of Cyrus; Foreman, Mitch 384 2017
Origins and Method: Towards a New Understanding of Judaism and Christianity  Essays in Honour of John C. Hurd Guenther, Heinz O.; Reumann, John H. P.; Cotter, Wendy; Krentz, Edgar M.; Donfried, Karl P.; White, John L.; Segal, Alan F.; Donaldson, Terence L.; Neumann, Kenneth J.; Kloppenborg, John S.; McLean, Bradley H.; Gaston, Lloyd; Aufrecht, Walter E.; McCarty, Willard; Richardson, G. Peter; McCready, Wayne O.; Clarke, Ernest G. 409 LNTS 1993
Christian-Jewish Relations: Through the Centuries Porter, Stanley E.; Pearson, Brook W. R. ; Evans, Craig A.; Fletcher-Louis, Crispin H. T.; Harley, Felicity; VanBeek, Lawrence; de Roo, Jacqueline C. R. ; Westfall, Cynthia Long; Porter, Wendy J.; van der Horst, Pieter W.; Handley, Mark; Sherwood, Yvonne; McCarron, Kevin; Gearon, Liam; Pinsent, Pat; Wise, Irene; Gibson, Arthur; Blond, Louis P.; Wright, Melanie J.; Hayes, Michael A.; Jackson, Sue; Veglio, Armida; Clark, Anne 512 LNTS 2004
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