Worship Theology

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Worship Theology and Ministry in the Early Church Marshall, I. Howard; Losie, Lynn A.; Allen, Leslie C.; Morris, Leon; Best, Ernest; Guthrie, Donald; Stanton, Graham N.; Hagner, Donald A.; Brown, Colin; Dunn, James D. G.; Lincoln, Andrew T.; Paige, Terence; Ellis, E. Earle; Thompson, Marianne Meye; Hawthorne, Gerald F.; Kruse, Colin G.; O'Brien, Peter T.; Schweizer, Eduard; Wilkins, Michael J. 391 LNTS 1993
For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship Block, Daniel I. 432 2014
Ancient Christian Worship: Early Church Practices in Social, Historical, and Theological Perspective McGowan, Andrew B. 320 2014
Six Views On Exploring the Worship Spectrum Gundry, Stanley N.; Basden, Paul; Zahl, Paul F. M.; Best, Harold; Horness, Joe; Williams, Donald M.; Webber, Robert D. 272 CP 2004
The Message of Worship Risbridger, John 300 BST 2015
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