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All Books on Discipleship

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
Endings: Invitations to Discipleship Hooker, Morna D. 104 2003
Shepherds After My Own Heart: Pastoral Traditions and Leadership in the Bible Laniak, Timothy S. 313 NSBT 2006
The Sermon on the Mount: The Character of a Disciple Doriani, Daniel M. 246 2006
The Word That Redescribes the World: The Bible and Discipleship Brueggemann, Walter 256 2006
Patterns of Discipleship in the New Testament eds. Longenecker, Richard N. 324 McMNTS 1996
Christology and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Henderson, Susanne Watts 304 SNTSMS 2006
Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship Wright, N. T. 132 2014
Discipleship and Family Ties in Mark and Matthew Barton, Stephen C. 276 SNTSMS 2005
Discipleship in the Ancient World and Matthew's Gospel Wilkins, Michael J. 292 1995
Theology as Discipleship Johnson, Keith L. 224 2015
Jesus' Call to Discipleship (Understanding Jesus Today) Dunn, James D. G. 152 2008
Following Jesus: Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Best, Ernest 283 LNTS 1981
Following the Master: A Biblical Theology of Discipleship Wilkins, Michael J. 400 1992
The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ Hull, Bill 348 2007
The Charismatic Leader and His Followers Hengel, Martin 126 2004
Making Disciples: The Significance of Jesus' Educational Methods for Today's Church (Paternoster Theological Monographs) Collinson, Sylvia Wilkey 308 2006
The Great Omission: Reclaiming Jesus's Essential Teachings On Discipleship Willard, Dallas 256 2006
Hidden Wisdom and the Easy Yoke: Wisdom, Torah and Discipleship in Matthew 11.25-30 Deutsch, Celia M. 205 LNTS 1987
A Theology of Mark: The Dynamic between Christology and Authentic Discipleship Bayer, Hans F. 240 EBT
Jesus and the Twelve: Discipleship and Revelation in Mark's Gospel Meye, Robert P. 1968
The Good Shepherd: A Thousand-Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament Bailey, Kenneth E. 288 2014
The Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Postmaterial Citizens Ward, Graham 320 CaPC 2009
Disciples and Discipleship: Studies in the Gospel According to Mark Best, Ernest 256 2000
Relational Discipleship: Moving Back Home with God Drurey, Brian Craig 188 2017
Following Jesus, the Servant King: A Biblical Theology of Covenantal Discipleship Lunde, Jonathan 320 BTfL 2010
Eschatological Discipleship: Leading Believers to Understand Their Historical and Cultural Context Wax, Trevin 288 2018
Narrative Discipleship: Portraits of Women in the Gospel of Mark Aernie, Jeffrey W. 2018
The Radical Disciple Stott, John R. W. 144 2010
Jesus as a Peasant Sage: Engaging the Work of John Dominic Crossan eds. Webb, Robert L.; Miller, Robert J. LNTS 2010