How is it that sincere and careful interpreters of the Bible can come to such different theological positions and practical applications? This happens with church practices such as baptism, the Lord’s supper, church government, church growth, the proper form of worship, and the role of women in ministry. It also happens with central Christian beliefs, such as the relationship between the law and the gospel, the way God exercises sovereignty over the world, the nature of creation, heaven, and hell, etc. Which understandings of these things are “right” or “best”? And how can we decide when the various sides all seem to be talking past each other?

Zondervan’s Counterpoint series of books is designed to help us explore these questions by reading the perspectives of people who respectfully disagree with each other. Each book presents several “views” on a particular question of biblical interpretation, theology, church life, etc.. Respected biblical scholars, theologians, and philosophers present their views based on years of extensive research—so you know you’re hearing the strongest possible case for each perspective. Each position is then critiqued by those who hold other views. The reader can then decide which position makes the most sense or has the strongest support. Even more importantly, the reader sees how sincere interpreters can interact with one another in a positive and uncontentious manner.

The advantage of this approach is huge. The thought-provoking articles give you the tools to lay a sound biblical foundation. Whether you are a student, pastor, teacher, youth worker, or layperson, these volumes are a fantastic tool for understanding contemporary Christian issues in the light of solid scriptural truth.

Series Editor: Stanley N. Gundry



Year Author Title Series
forthcoming 2022 Goldingay, John; Longman III, Tremper; DeRouchie, Jason S.; Dharamraj, Havilah; Carter, Craig A. Five Views on Christ in the Old Testament: Genre, Authorial Intent, and the Nature of Scripture Counterpoints