Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

THE EVANGELICAL EXEGETICAL COMMENTARY (EEC) is a new multi-volume commentary series that will cover all sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments. Each volume incorporates the latest critical biblical scholarship and is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective.

Series Distinctives:
  • Comprehensive without compromise. The EEC goes into astonishing depth, addressing exegetical, pastoral, and theological details to give readers a full understanding of the text.
  • Distinctly evangelical perspective. The volumes reflect a serious commitment to the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.
  • Rooted in the original text. The volumes contain commentary developed primarily from a close reading of the text in its original language.
  • Reflects the latest critical scholarship. The volumes engage current scholarship in a fair and accurate manner. Investigates the original context. The volumes examine the relevant biblical text within their historical, literary, and cultural contexts.
  • Fosters a canonical reading of Scripture. The volumes contain rich commentary on biblical theology as well as devotional insights.
General Editor: H. Wayne House
Old Testament Editor: William D. Barrick
Assistant Old Testament Editor: JoAnna M. Hoyt
New Testament Editor: Andreas J. Köstenberger
Assistant New Testament Editor: Benjamin L. Gladd

See also the series website and the Lexham product page listing published and forthcoming volumes.



2022 Barrick, William D. Genesis
? Averbeck, Richard E. Leviticus
? Chou, Abner Deuteronomy
? Hawkins, Ralph K. Joshua
? Mabie, Frederick Judges
? Oswalt, John N. 1 and 2 Kings
? Mayhew, Eugene 1 and 2 Chronicles
2023 Garrett, Duane A. Job
2023 Abernethy, Andrew T. Psalms 1–72
? McKelvey, Michael G. Psalms 73–150
? Estelle, Bryan D. Proverbs
? McCabe, Bob; Dunham, Kyle Ecclesiastes
? Beall, Todd S. Isaiah
? Rooker, Mark F. Ezekiel
2021 Warstler, Kevin R. Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah
? Lowery, Dave Matthew
? Gladd, Benjamin L. Mark
? Porter, Stanley E. Luke
? Köstenberger, Andreas J. John
? Huffman, Douglas Acts
? House, H. Wayne ; Sullivan, Steve P. Romans
? House, H. Wayne ; Smith, Jay T. 1 Corinthians
? Burer, Michael Galatians
? Pitts, Andrew W. Colossians
? Tabb, Bryan 1 and 2 Thessalonians
? Stanley, Steve 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus
? Fanning, Buist M. Hebrews
? Crowe, Brandon D. James
? Glenny, W. Edward 1 Peter
? Hecht, Susan 2 Peter
? Stallard, Michael Revelation