Story of God Bible Commentary

The Story of God Bible Commentary (SGBC) is a new commentary for today’s world. It’s the first commentary series to explain and illuminate each passage of Scripture in light of the Bible’s grand story. The SGBC provides pastors, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, and committed Bible students with a clear and compelling exposition of Scripture, setting each passage in context of the Bible’s narrative arc.

If we are to discover the contemporary meaning of the Bible, we must engage with it in several ways: reading, studying, questioning, and wrestling with the text. The SGBC will assist you in these tasks. The authors of this series study and probe the Bible as God’s story, to discern and then articulate how we can live the Bible’s story faithfully and creatively in the culture today.

This series offers vital tools for you to understand the original context of biblical passages; to carry insights from the biblical world and ancient Near Eastern literature straight into your context today; and finally, to empower you to discern and communicate biblical insight to your small group or congregation.

Each commentary is broken into three sections:
  1. Listen to the Story presents the Bible passage in the New International Version (NIV).
  2. Interpret the Story examines the passage for its essential message and meaning.
  3. Live the Story explores how we can live this text in the world today. It offers insightful reflections, illustrations, and practical suggestions for daily Christian life and practice.

You’ll experience the uniqueness of the SGBC as it helps you read the Bible in light of Christ’s incarnation, encounter theology of the great traditions of the church, and engage with faithful and insightful voices of the global church.

This Bible commentary series offers great diversity among its international team of scholars, which includes many women authors, making it perhaps the most diverse commentary series in evangelical history. This collection of writers represents the changing face of both American and world evangelicalism.

Wherever you are—on the globe and in your faith journey—the clear and compelling SGBC series will equip you to live with creativity and faithfulness.

General Editors: Tremper Longman III and Scot McKnight



? Sklar, Jay A. Numbers
? Theocharous, Myrto Deuteronomy
? Gorospe, Athena E. Judges
? Kaminski, Carol M. 1–2 Chronicles
? Green, Douglas J. Ezra, Nehemiah
? Shields, Martin A. Job
? Hayes, Elizabeth R. Psalms
? Boda, Mark J. Isaiah
? Shead, Andrew G. Jeremiah, Lamentations
? Dharamraj, Havilah Ezekiel
2022 Stovell, Beth M. Minor Prophets I: Hosea–Micah
2022 Stovell, Beth M. Minor Prophets II: Nahum–Malachi
? DeLong, Kindalee Pfremmer Luke
? Perrin, Nicholas John
? Hardin, Justin K. 1 Corinthians
? Gupta, Nijay K. Galatians
? McCaulley, Esau Colossians, Philemon
? Nel, Marius 1–2 Timothy, Titus
? Gheorghiță, Radu Hebrews
? Kamell Kovalishyn, Mariam J. James
? Ewell, C. Rosalee Velloso 2 Peter, Jude
? Moo, Jonathan A. Revelation