Translating the Bible: Problems and Prospects
Translating the Bible: Problems and Prospects

Translating the Bible: Problems and Prospects

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Stanley E. Porter, Richard S. Hess, Y. C. Whang, Brook W. R. Pearson, Craig D. Allert, John William Rogerson, Matthew Brook O'Donnell, Gustavo Martín-Asensio, Thomas R. Hatina, and Kent D. Clarke

Pages 338
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 10/13/2004
ISBN-13 9780567042903
Stanley E. Porter offers a keynote contribution to this collection of essays on the various issues involved in translation of the Bible, and when accurately rendering the message of the Bible when words seem to obfuscate, rather than enhance, clarity. Contributions offer a survey of the current versions of the Gospels available, with commentary and analysis of their success and popularity. Particular attention is given to the Contemporary English Version (CEV), with a critical review provided of the reviews of this Bible translation to date.

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  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction: The Problems and Prospects of Translating the Bible - Stanley E. Porter; Richard S. Hess
  • Part I - Translational Theory And Method
    • The contemporary English version and the ideology of translation - Stanley E. Porter
    • To whom is a translator responsible: reader or author? - Y. C. Whang
    • Remainderless translations? Implications of the tradition concerning the translation of the LXX for modern translational theory - Brook W. R. Pearson
    • Is translation inspired? The problems of verbal inspiration for translation and a proposed solution - Craig D. Allert
  • Part II - Old Testament
    • The Old Testament translator's translation: a personal reflection - J. W. Rogerson
    • Reflections on translating Joshua - Richard S. Hess
    • Judges 1-5 and its translation - Richard S. Hess
  • Part III - New Testament
    • Translation and the exegetical process, using Mark 5.1-10, "The binding of the strongman" as a test case - Matthew Brook O'Donnell
    • Foregrounding and its relevance for interpretation and translation, with Acts 27 as a case study - Gustavo Martín-Asensio
    • The perfect tense-form in Colossians: verbal aspect, temporality and the challenge of translation - Thomas R. Hatina
    • Assumptions in the criticism and translation of Philemon - Brook W. R. Pearson
    • Original text or canonical text? Questioning the shape of the New Testament text we translate - Kent D. Clarke
  • Index of References
  • Index of Authors

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