Anchor Yale Bible

The Anchor Yale Bible (AYB) is a project of international and interfaith scope in which Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars from many countries contribute individual volumes. The project is not sponsored by any ecclesiastical organization and is not intended to reflect any particular theological doctrine.

The AYB is committed to producing commentaries in the tradition established half a century ago by the founders of the series, William Foxwell Albright and David Noel Freedman. It aims to present the best contemporary scholarship in a way that is accessible not only to scholars but also to the educated nonspecialist. Its approach is grounded in exact translation of the ancient languages and an appreciation of the historical and cultural context in which the biblical books were written supplemented by insights from modern methods, such as sociological and literary criticism.
General Editor: John J. Collins
NOTE This series was previous published by Doubleday as the "Anchor Bible" (AB) series. It was acquired by Yale University Press in 2007, and from that point forward all volumes have been published as the "Anchor Yale Bible" (AYB).



Year Author Title Series
forthcoming 2025 Baden, Joel S. Exodus Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Weinfeld, Moshe; Seely, David R. Deuteronomy 12–34 Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Bautch, Richard J. 2 Chronicles Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Eskenazi, Tamara Cohn Nehemiah Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Strawn, Brent A. Psalms Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Segal, Michael The Book of Daniel Anchor Yale Bible
forthcoming Segal, Michael The Additions to Daniel Anchor Yale Bible