Heaven and Hell

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Four Views on Hell Crockett, William V.; Walvoord, John F.; Hayes, Zachary J.; Pinnock, Clark H. 192 1997
The Myth of Rebellious Angels: Studies in Second Temple Judaism and New Testament Texts Stuckenbruck, Loren T. 477 2017
Death and the Afterlife: Biblical Perspectives on Ultimate Questions Williamson, Paul R. NSBT 2017
The One Purpose of God: An Answer to the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment Bonda, Jan 304 1998
After Life: What the Bible Really Says Connelly, Douglas 140 1995
After Death?: Past Beliefs and Real Possibilities (Contemporary Christian Insights) Edwards, David 192 2001
How Shall They Be Saved?: The Destiny of Those Who Do Not Hear of Jesus Erickson, Millard J. 278 1996
What About Those Who Have Never Heard: three views on the desiny of the unevangelized Fackre, Gabriel J.; Nash, Ronald; Sanders, John 1995
Beyond Death: Exploring the Evidence for Immortality Habermas, Gary R.; Moreland, J. P. 462 2004
Immortality: The Other Side of Death Habermas, Gary R.; Moreland, J. P. 275 1992
Who Will Be Saved?: Defending the Biblical Understanding of God, Salvation, and Evangelism Henry, Carl F. H.; Mohler Jr., R. Albert; Akin, Daniel L.; Beougher, Timothy K.; Geivett, R. Douglas 240 2000
Shades of Sheol: Death and Afterlife in the Old Testament Johnston, Philip S. 288 2002
Universal Salvation: Eschatology in the Thought of Gregory of Nyssa and Karl Rahner (Oxford Theological Monographs) Ludlow, Morwenna 320 2009
Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate Parry, Robin A.; Partridge, Christopher H. 291 2004
A History of Heaven Russell, Jeffrey Burton 256 1998
No Other Name: An Investigation Into the Destiny of the Unevangelized Sanders, John 334 2001
Evangelical Essentials: A Liberal Evangelical Dialogue Edwards, David; Stott, John R. W. 354 1989
Life After Death (Thinking Clearly) Twelftree, Graham H. 224 2003
Heaven: The Logic of Eternal Joy Walls, Jerry L. 272 2007
The Formation of Hell: Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds Bernstein, Alan E. 392 1996
Whatever Happened to Hell? Blanchard, John 336 2003
The Other Side Of The Good News Larry, Dixon 272 2003
Crucial Questions About Hell Fernando, Ajith 190 1994
Two Views of Hell: A Biblical & Theological Dialogue (Spectrum) Fudge, Edward William; Peterson, Robert A. 228 2000
The Nature of Hell: A Report by the Evangelical Alliance Commission on Unity and Truth Among Evangelicals (ACUTE) eds. Hilborn, David 162 2000
The Problem of Hell Kvanvig, Jonathan L. 192 1993
What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell? Wrestling With the Traditional View (Living Issues Discussion, Vol. 2) (Living Issues Discussion Series) Klassen, Randy 164 2001
The Battle for Hell Moore, David G. 118 1996
The Road to Hell Pawson, David 205 2008
Hell on Trial: The Case for Eternal Punishment Peterson, Robert A. 258 1995
Hell: A Hard Look at a Hard Question: The Fate of the Unrighteous in New Testament Thought (Paternoster Biblical Monographs) Powys, David J. 518 2007
Hell: The Logic Of Damnation Walls, Jerry L. 182 1992
Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived Bell, Rob 224 2011
God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good News Is Better than Love Wins Galli, Mark 224 2011
Heaven and Hell
Christ Alone: An Evangelical Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins Wittmer, Michael E. 172 2011
Erasing Hell: What God said about eternity, and the things we made up Chan, Francis; Sprinkle, Preston M. 208 2011
Preaching Apocalyptic Texts Jones, Larry Paul; Sumney, Jerry L. 144 PCT 1999
Life in the Face of Death; The Resurrection Message of the New Testament Yamauchi, Edwin M.; Bolt, Peter; Bauckham, Richard J.; Hagner, Donald A.; Lincoln, Andrew T.; Harris, Murray J.; Hansen, G. Walter; Green, Joel B.; Lane, William L.; Trites, Allison A. 324 McMNTS 1998
Four Views on Hell Gundry, Stanley N.; Crockett, William V.; Walvoord, John F.; Hayes, Zachary J.; Pinnock, Clark H. 192 CP 1996
The Biblical Tour of Hell Hauge, Matthew Ryan 224 LNTS 2015
Four Views on Hell Burk, Denny; Stackhouse Jr., John G.; Parry, Robin A.; Walls, Jerry L. 208 CP 2016
The Defeat of Death: Apocalyptic Eschatology in 1 Corinthians 15 and Romans 5 de Boer, Martinus C. LNTS 1988