A list of the best books on Worldviews/Philosophies ranked by scholars, journal reviews, and site users.



All Books on Worldviews/Philosophies

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Purity and Worldview in the Epistle of James Lockett, Darian R. 221 2008
A History of Western Philosophy and Theology Frame, John M. 928 2015
The Philosophy Of Revelation: The Stone Lectures For 1908-1909, Princeton Theological Seminary Bavinck, Herman 364 2008
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion Abraham, William J. 250 1985
Truth in a Culture of Doubt: Engaging the Skeptical Distortions of the Bible Bock, Darrell L.; Chatraw, Josh; Köstenberger, Andreas J. 208 2014
Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation (Cultural Liturgies: Volume 1) Smith, James K. A. 240 2009
 Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works (Cultural Liturgies: Volume 2) Smith, James K. A. 224 2013
Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times Guinness, Os 192 2014
The Dust of Death: A Critique of the Establishment and the Counter Culture and the Proposal for a Third Way Guinness, Os 1973
Capitalism and Progress: A Diagnosis of Western Society Goudzwaard, Bob 270 BTCL 1997
The Church in Exile: Living in Hope After Christendom Beach, Lee 2015
Harnessing Chaos: The Bible in English Political Discourse since 1968 Crossley, James G. 328 ST 2014
Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock: A Theology of Religions Strange, Daniel 384 2015
Developing a Biblical Worldview: Seeing Things God’s Way Smith, C. Fred 200 2015
Essays on Religion, Science, and Society Bavinck, Herman 304 2013
From Nature to Creation: A Christian Vision for Understanding and Loving Our World Wirzba, Norman 176 CaPC 2015
Who's Afraid of Postmodernism? Taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to Church Smith, James K. A. 160 CaPC 2006
Who's Afraid of Relativism? Community, Contingency, and Creaturehood Smith, James K. A. 192 CaPC 2014
Whose Community? Which Interpretation? Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church Westphal, Merold 160 CaPC 2009
What Would Jesus Deconstruct? The Good News of Postmodernism for the Church Caputo, John D. 160 CaPC 2007
The Economy of Desire: Christianity and Capitalism in a Postmodern World Bell, Jr., Daniel M. 224 CaPC 2012
Liturgy as a Way of Life: Embodying the Arts in Christian Worship Benson, Bruce Ellis 160 CaPC 2013
The Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Postmaterial Citizens Ward, Graham 320 CaPC 2009
GloboChrist: The Great Commission Takes a Postmodern Turn Raschke, Carl 176 CaPC 2008
Fieldwork in Theology: Exploring the Social Context of God's Work in the World Scharen, Christian 144 CaPC 2015
Five Views on the Church and Politics Benestad, J. Brian; Benne, Robert; Fields, Bruce; Heilke, Thomas W.; Smith, James K. A. 288 CP 2016
Toward a Better Worldliness: Ecology, Economy, and the Protestant Tradition Rowe, Terra Schwerin 240 2017
A Little Book for New Philosophers: Why and How to Study Philosophy (Little Books) Copan, Paul 128 2016
Confronting Religious Denial of Science: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination Wallace, Catherine M. 138 2016
 Shifting Allegiances: Networks of Kinship and of Faith - The Women's Program in a Syrian Mosque Dale, Moyra 272 ACTMS 2016
Human Agents of Cosmic Power in Hellenistic Judaism and the Synoptic Tradition Mills, Mary E. 192 LNTS 2015
Thomas Aquinas (Great Thinkers) Oliphint, K. Scott 168 2017
Jacques Derrida  (Great Thinkers) Watkin, Christopher 184 2017
Approaching the Study of Theology: An introduction to key thinkers, concepts, methods and debates Thiselton, Anthony C. 240 2017
Flourishing in Faith: Theology Encountering Positive Psychology eds. Ambler, Gillies; Anstey, Matthew P.; McCall, Theo D.; White, Mathew A. 240 2017
Karl Marx (Great Thinkers) Dennison, William D. 144 2017
The Evangelical Dictionary of World Religions House, H. Wayne 688 2018
Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship the Same God?: Four Views Schwartz, Wm. Andrew; Cobb Jr., John B.; Beckwith, Francis J.; McDermott, Gerald R.; Walls, Jerry L.; Cumming, Joseph; Shenk, David W. 240 CP 2019
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