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The Crown and the Fire: Meditations on the Cross and the Life of the Spirit Wright, N. T. 143 2014
Including the Stranger: Foreigners in the Former Prophets Firth, David G. 240 NSBT 2019
Marriage at the Crossroads: couples in conversation about discipleship, gender roles, decision making, and intimacy Spencer, Aída Besançon; Spencer, William David; Tracy, Steven R.; Tracy, Celestia G. 232 2009
The Family, A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home Balswick, Jack O.; Balswick, Judith K. 416 2014
Capitalism and Progress: A Diagnosis of Western Society Goudzwaard, Bob 270 BTCL 1997
 The Cambridge Companion to Pentecostalism (Cambridge Companions to Religion) Robeck Jr., Cecil M.; Yong, Amos; McClymond, Michael; Reed, David A.; Daniels, David D.; Plüss, Jean-Daniel; Ramirez, Daniel; Omenyo, Cephas N.; Ma, Wonsuk; Smith, Calvin L.; Droogers, André; Wilkinson, Michael; Albrecht, Daniel E.; Howard, Evan B.; Cartledge, Mark J.; Vondey, Wolfgang; Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti 352 2014
Perspectives on Your Child’s Education: Four Views Wilder, Michael; Eckel, Mark; Fischer, G. Tyler; Temple, Troy 140 Pers
Perspectives on Tithing: Four Views Hemphill, Ken; Ecklund, Bobby; Croteau, David A.; Kidd, Reggie M.; North, Gary; Preissler, Scott 208 Pers 2011
Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation: Four views Carlson, Gregory C.; May, Scottie; Ellis, Tim; Graves, Tricia 302 Pers 2007
Perspectives on Election: Five Views Reymond, Robert L.; Cottrell, Jack; Pinnock, Clark H.; Talbot, Thomas B.; Ware, Bruce A. 352 Pers 2006
Convictional Civility: Engaging the Culture in the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of David S. Dockery Garrett, Jr., James Leo; George, Timothy; Erickson, Millard J.; Smith, Robert H.; Fant, Gene; Baker, Hunter; Ridenour, Autumn Alcott; Mitchell, C. Ben; Mohler Jr., R. Albert 208 2015
Developing a Biblical Worldview: Seeing Things God’s Way Smith, C. Fred 200 2015
Reading Scripture as a Political Act: Essays on the Theopolitical Interpretation of the Bible Eklund, Rebekah; Dula, Peter; Webb, Melanie; DelCogliano, Mark; McClain, Daniel Wade; Ables, Travis E.; Tapie, Matthew A.; Lantigua, David; Baker, Anthony; Long, D. Stephen; Hughes, Kevin L.; Ticciati, Susannah; Nugent, John C.; Hovey, Craig 224 2015
Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate Lee-Barnewall, Michelle 240 2016
Suffering in Ancient Worldview: Luke, Seneca and 4 Maccabees in Dialogue Tabb, Brian J. 224 LNTS 2017
Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education Caldecott, Stratford 160 2017
Toward a Better Worldliness: Ecology, Economy, and the Protestant Tradition Rowe, Terra Schwerin 240 2017
A Little Book for New Scientists: Why and How to Study Science (Little Books) Reeves, Josh A.; Donaldson, Steve 144 2016
Wealth and Poverty in Early Christianity eds. Rhee, Helen; Kalantzis, George 184 AF 2017
 Confronting Religious Absolutism: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination Wallace, Catherine M. 150 2016
Confronting Religious Violence: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination Wallace, Catherine M. 122 2016
Confronting Religious Judgmentalism: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination Wallace, Catherine M. 156 2016
Finding Lost Words: The Church's Right to Lament eds. Harper, G. Geoffrey; Barker, Kit 310 ACTMS 2017
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Critical Questions and Answers Newheiser, Jim 336 2017
Hostility to Wealth in the Synoptic Gospels Schmidt, Thomas E. 250 LNTS 1987
Flourishing in Faith: Theology Encountering Positive Psychology eds. Ambler, Gillies; Anstey, Matthew P.; McCall, Theo D.; White, Mathew A. 240 2017
An Unexpected Journey: Discovering Reformed Christianity Godfrey, W. Robert 154
Harnessing Chaos: The Bible in English Political Discourse since 1968 Crossley, James G. 324 LNTS 2014
Deity and Diet: The Dilemma of Sacrificial Food at Corinth Newton, Derek 434 LNTS 1998
A Peculiar Orthodoxy: Reflections on Theology and the Arts Begbie, Jeremy S. 224 2018
Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God Osborne, William R. 160 SSBT 2020
The End of Youth Ministry? Why Parents Don’t Really Care about Youth Groups and What Youth Workers Should Do about It Root, Andrew 240 2020