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All Books on Salvation/Soteriology

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Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption Morales, L. Michael 224 ESBT 2020
Justification: Volume 1 Horton, Michael S. 352 NSD 2018
Justification: Volume 2 Horton, Michael S. 320 NSD 2018
That You May Know: Assurance of Salvation in 1 John Bass, Christopher D. 256 NAC-SBT 2008
The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ Rutledge, Fleming 695 2017
He Descended to the Dead: An Evangelical Theology of Holy Saturday Emerson, Matthew Y. 272 2019
The Feasts of Repentance: From Luke-Acts to Systematic and Pastoral Theology Ovey, Michael J. 192 NSBT 2019
Systematic Theology, Vol. 3: Sin/Salvation Geisler, Norman L. 624 2004
Systematic Theology, Vol. 4: Church/Last Things Geisler, Norman L. 784 2005
Systematic Theology Volume 2: The Word of Life Oden, Thomas C. 583 2006
Aspects of the Atonement: Cross and Resurrection in the Reconciling of God and Humanity Marshall, I. Howard 176 2008
The Atonement Debate: Papers from the London Symposium on the Theology of Atonement Marshall, I. Howard; Hilborn, David; Chalke, Steve; Wright, Christopher J. H.; Grogan, Geoffrey W.; Groom, Sue; Mody, Rohintan; Motyer, Steve; Green, Joel B.; Williams, Garry; MacFarlane, Graham; Crisp, Oliver D.; Williams, David J.; Lane, Tony; Holmes, Stephen R.; Randall, Ian; Mullings, Lynette J.; Robbins, Anna M.; Tidball, Derek 368 2008
Grace of God, the Will of Man, The Marshall, I. Howard; Pinnock, Clark H.; Guy, Fritz; Miethe, Terry L.; Cottrell, Jack; Rice, Richard; Craig, William Lane; Sanders, John; Evans, C. Stephen; Basinger, Randall; MacDonald, William G.; Abraham, William J.; Osborne, Grant R.; Walls, Jerry L.; Reichenbach, Bruce R. 320 1989
Kinship by Covenant: A Canonical Approach to the Fulfillment of God's Saving Promises Hahn, Scott 608 AYBRL 2009
Four Views on Eternal Security Gundry, Stanley N.; Pinson, J. Matthew; Horton, Michael S.; Geisler, Norman L.; Ashby, Stephen M.; Harper, Steve 304 CP 2002
Five Views on Sanctification Gundry, Stanley N.; Dieter, Melvin E.; Hoekema, Anthony A.; Horton, Stanley M.; McQuilkin, J. Robertson; Walvoord, John F. 256 CP 1996
The Paradox of Salvation: Luke's Theology of the Cross Doble, Peter 288 SNTSMS 2005
The Cross in the New Testament Morris, Leon 454 BTCL 1995
Sanctification: Explorations in Theology and Practice Blocher, Henri; Canlis, Julie; Davidson, Ivor; Eglinton, James; Ellis, Brannon; Horton, Michael S.; Lints, Richard; McCormack, Bruce L.; Moore, Peter; O'Donovan, Oliver; Tidball, Derek 300 2014
Defending Substitution: An Essay on Atonement in Paul Gathercole, Simon J. 1440 ASBT 2015
Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ Torrance, Thomas F. 489 2009
Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ Torrance, Thomas F. 371 2008
Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: Three Views Hammett, John S.; Trueman, Carl R.; Osborne, Grant R. 304 Pers 2015
This World and the World to Come: Soteriology in Early Judaism Bird, Michael F.; Cousland, J. R. C.; Cox, Ronald R.; Sprinkle, Preston M.; DiTommaso, Lorenzo; Poirier, John C.; Moo, Jonathan A.; Gurtner, Daniel M.; Macaskill, Grant; Atkinson, Kenneth; Harrington, Daniel J.; Jassen, Alex; Werrett, Ian; Bockmuehl, Markus; Chilton, Bruce D.; Neusner, Jacob 384 LSTS 2013
The Extent of the Atonement: A Historical and Critical Review Allen, David L. 848 2016
Justification in the Second Century (Studies of the Bible and Its Reception) Arnold, Brian J. 300 2017
How Does Sanctification Work? Powlison, David 128 2017
Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross: Reappropriating the Atonement Tradition Boersma, Hans 288 2006
The Noble Death: Graeco-Roman Martyrology and Paul's Concept of Salvation Seeley, David 190 LNTS 1990
Five Views on the Extent of the Atonement Horton, Michael S.; Sanders, Fred; Levering, Matthew; Louth, Andrew; Greggs, Tom 304 CP 2018
Justification by Grace through Faith: Finding Freedom from Legalism, Lawlessness, Pride, and Despair Vickers, Brian J. 240 EBT
Our Secure Salvation: Preservation and Apostasy Peterson, Robert A. 256 EBT
The Son of God and the New Creation Goldsworthy, Greame 144 SSBT 2016
Salvation by Allegiance Alone Bates, Matthew W. 256 2017
Christ and Reconciliation (A Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralistic World: Volume 1) Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti 467 2013
Spirit and Salvation (A Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralistic World: Volume 4) Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti 516 2016
Atonement: Jewish and Christian Origins Eberhart, Christian A.; Rooke, Deborah W.; Wright, David P.; Newsom, Carol A.; Fletcher-Louis, Crispin H. T.; Wright, N. T.; Williams, Catrin H.; Lang, T. J.; Himmelfarb, Martha 256 2020
Atonement: Amid Alexandria, Alamo, and Avatar Eberhart, Christian A. 256 2020
Sin, Sacrifice, but No Salvation: When the Circle Cannot Be Completed Rooke, Deborah W. 256 2020
Atonement beyond Israel: The Holiness School’s Amendment to Priestly Legislation on the Sin Sacrifice (ḥaṭṭā’t) Wright, David P. 256 2020
When the Problem Is Not What You Have Done but Who You Are: The Changing Focus of Atonement in Second Temple Prayer and Poetry Newsom, Carol A. 256 2020
Ben Sira 50: The High Priest Is an Incorporative Divine Messiah and At-One-Ment Takes Place through Worship in the Microcosm Fletcher-Louis, Crispin H. T. 256 2020
Get the Story Right and the Models Will Fit: Victory through Substitution in “Atonement Theology” Wright, N. T. 256 2020
“Seeing,” Salvation, and the Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John Williams, Catrin H. 256 2020
Sealed for Redemption: The Economics of Atonement in Ephesians Lang, T. J. 256 2020
What Goes on in the Heavenly Temple?: Celestial Praise and Sacrifice in Ancient Judaism and Christianity Himmelfarb, Martha 256 2020
Glorification: An Introduction Cole, Graham A. 144 SSST 2022
Predestination: An Introduction Naselli, Andrew David 240 SSST 2024
Justification: An Introduction Schreiner, Thomas R. 176 SSST 2023
The Atonement: An Introduction Treat, Jeremy 192 SSST 2023
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