in Library of New Testament Studies

by Stanley E. Porter, Michael A. Hayes, David Tombs, John Jarick, Brook W. R. Pearson, Craig A. Evans, Margaret Barker, Cynthia Long Westfall, Matthew Brook O'Donnell, Arthur Gibson, Gerald O'Collins, Delia Cortese, Norman Klassen, Wendy J. Porter, Neil Taylor, Pat Pinsent, Graham Holderness, John Anonby, and Kevin McCarron

Pages 376
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 11/1/1999
ISBN-13 9781841270166
The theme of Resurrection has continued to prove fascinating for a variety of writers and thinkers, finding expression not only in sacred texts but in other works of literature and the arts. This volume contains the papers from one of the Roehampton Institute London Conferences. In this volume, scholars from a variety of places and varying academic disciplines have addressed the concept of resurrection from a number of critical perspectives. As one might expect, these include analyses of how the resurrection is understood in the biblical and other religious traditions. Also included in this volume are sustained treatments of the concept of resurrection as it appears in various literary texts and other artistic forms of expression.

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  • Forward
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction - Stanley E. Porter; Michael A. Hayes; David Tombs
  • Part I - Resurrection in the Bible
    • Questioning Sheol - John Jarick
    • Resurrection and the judgment of the Titans: ἡ γῆ τῶν ἀσεβῶν in LXX Isaiah 26:19 - Brook W. R. Pearson
    • Resurrection, the Greeks and the New Testament - Stanley E. Porter
    • Did Jesus predict his death and resurrection? - Craig A. Evans
    • Resurrection: reflections on a new approach - Margaret Barker
    • Relationship between the resurrection, the proclamation to the spirits in prison and baptismal regeneration: 1 Peter 3.19-22 - Cynthia Long Westfall
    • Some New Testament words for resurrection and the company they keep - Matthew Brook O'Donnell
  • Part II - Resurrection in Christian Theology and Beyond
    • Logic of the resurrection - Arthur Gibson
    • Risen Jesus: analogies and presence - Gerald O'Collins
    • Oscar Romero and resurrection hope - David Tombs
    • The Ismāīlī resurrection of Alamūt: a bid for spiritual awakening or a statement of political authority? - Delia Cortese
  • Part III - Resurrection in the Arts and Literature
    • At the resureccioun of this flour: the resurrection, ambiguity and identity in Chaucer's poetry - Norman Klassen
    • Musical-textual relationships regarding resurrection in the Western Wind settings of the Credo by John Taverner, John Sheppard and Christopher Tye - Wendy J. Porter
    • Dying on stage: the acting of a dreadful thing - Neil Taylor
    • He is not here (Luke 24.6): Christ's resurrection in seventeenth-century English poetry - Pat Pinsent
    • Resurrection and the life: D.H. Lawrence's "The man who died" - Graham Holderness
    • Resurrection as political vision in two East African novels - John Anonby
    • I have been dead and am alive again: resurrection in the rehabilitation narrative - Kevin McCarron
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  • Index of Authors

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