The Atonement Debate: Papers from the London Symposium on the Theology of Atonement
The Atonement Debate: Papers from the London Symposium on the Theology of Atonement

The Atonement Debate: Papers from the London Symposium on the Theology of Atonement

by I. Howard Marshall, David Hilborn, Steve Chalke, Christopher J. H. Wright, Geoffrey W. Grogan, Sue Groom, Rohintan Mody, Steve Motyer, Joel B. Green, Garry Williams, Graham MacFarlane, Oliver D. Crisp, David J. Williams, Tony Lane, Stephen R. Holmes, Ian Randall, Lynette J. Mullings, Anna M. Robbins, and Derek Tidball

Pages 368
Publisher Zondervan
Published 2008
ISBN-13 9780310273394
When a popular British evangelical leader appeared to denounce the idea that God was punishing Christ in our place on the cross as a 'twisted version of events,' 'morally dubious,' and a 'huge barrier to faith' that should be rejected in favour of preaching only that God is love, major controversy was stirred. Many thought the idea of penal substitution was at the heart of the evangelical understanding of the cross, if not the only legitimate interpretation of the death of Christ. Yet for some time less popular evangelical theologians had been calling this traditional interpretation of the atonement into question. The public debate which resulted was often heated. In order to act as reconcilers, the Evangelical Alliance and the London School of Theology called for a symposium in which advocates of the different positions could engage with each other.

"London Symposium on the Theology of Atonement held at London School of Theology in July 2005"

  • Contents
  • Atonement, evangelicalism and the evangelical alliance : the present debate in context - David Hilborn
  • The redemption of the cross - Steve Chalke
  • The theology of the atonement - I. Howard Marshall
  • Atonement in the Old Testament - Christopher J.H. Wright
  • The atonement in the New Testament - Geoffrey Grogan
  • Why did Christ die? : an exegesis of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 - Sue Groom
  • Penal substitutionary atonement in Paul : an exegetical study of Romans 3:25-26 - Rohintan K. Mody
  • The atonement in Hebrews - Steve Motyer
  • Must we imagine the atonement in penal substitutionary terms? : questions, caveats, and a plea - Joel B. Green
  • Penal substitution : a response to recent criticisms - Garry Williams
  • Atonement, creation, and Trinity - Graham MacFarlane
  • The logic of penal substitution revisited - Oliver D. Crisp
  • Towards a unified theory of the atonement - David T. Williams
  • Bernard of Clairvaux : theologian of the cross - Tony Lane
  • Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven : evangelical accounts of the atonement - Stephen R. Holmes
  • "Live much under the shadow of the cross" : atonement and evangelical spirituality - Ian Randall
  • The message of the cross is foolishness : atonement in womanist theology : towards a Black British perspective - Lynette J. Mullings
  • Atonement in contemporary culture : Christ, symbolic exchange and death - Anna M. Robbins
  • Penal substitution : a pastoral apologetic - Derek Tidball

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