Grace of God, the Will of Man, The
Grace of God, the Will of Man, The

Grace of God, the Will of Man, The

by I. Howard Marshall, Clark H. Pinnock, Fritz Guy, Terry L. Miethe, Jack Cottrell, Richard Rice, William Lane Craig, John Sanders, C. Stephen Evans, Randall Basinger, William G. MacDonald, William J. Abraham, Grant R. Osborne, Jerry L. Walls, and Bruce R. Reichenbach

Pages 320
Publisher Zondervan
Published 1989
ISBN-13 9780310512318
This work carries on the ancient debate about the scope of God's saving purposes and the manner of his effecting salvation in human beings.

  • Contents
  • From Augustine to Arminius : a pilgrimage in theology - Clark H. Pinnock
  • The universality of God's love - Fritz Guy
  • Universal grace and atonement in the pastoral epistles - I. Howard Marshall
  • The universal power of the atonement - Terry L. Miethe
  • The nature of the divine sovereignty - Jack W. Cottrell
  • Divine foreknowledge and free-will theism - Richard Rice
  • Middle knowledge, a Calvinist-Arminian rapprochement? - William L. Craig
  • God as personal - John E. Sanders
  • Salvation, sin, and human freedom in Kierkegaard - C. Stephen Evans
  • Exhaustive divine sovereignty : a practical critique - Randall G. Basinger
  • The biblical doctrine of election - William G. MacDonald
  • Predestination and assurance - William J. Abraham
  • Soteriology in the Gospel of John - Grant R. Osborne
  • Divine commands, predestination, and moral intuition - Jerry L. Walls
  • Freedom, justice, and moral responsibility - Bruce R. Reichenbach

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