Blackwell Bible Commentaries

The Blackwell Bible Commentaries (BBC) series offers a genuinely new approach in its emphasis on the way the Bible has been used and interpreted through the ages, from the church fathers through to current popular culture, and in spheres as diverse as art and politics, hymns, and official church statements. These are the first commentaries to place an emphasis on the Bible in literature, music, and art; the Bible in history and politics; and the Bible in theology and religion.

The volumes explore the fascinating reception history of the Bible, since what people believe a sacred text like the Bible means is often as interesting and historically important—theologically, politically, morally, and aesthetically—as what it originally meant.

This outstanding series will be appreciated by students, their teachers, and by anyone who wishes to understand how the Bible has been interpreted down the ages, and is still used in contemporary culture.

Series Editors: John Sawyer (Editor in Chief), Ian Boxall, David M. Gunn, Judith Kovacs, Andrwe Mein, Christopher Rowland, Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

For a much more detailed explanation of the aims, readership, methodology, and format for the BBC series, click here. (Also available as a .pdf here.)



? Rickett, Dan Genesis Through the Centuries
? O'Dowd, Ryan P. Numbers Through the Centuries
? Campbell, Jonathan G. Deuteronomy Through the Centuries
? Gunn, David M. 1 and 2 Samuel Through the Centuries
? O'Kane, Martin 1 and 2 Kings Through the Centuries
? Harrington, Hannah K. Ezra-Nehemiah Through the Centuries
? Mein, Andrew Ezekiel Through the Centuries
? Anderson, Bradford A. Hosea, Joel, and Obadiah Through the Centuries
? Coomber, Matthew J. M. Amos and Micah Through the Centuries
? Joynes, Christine E. Mark Through the Centuries
? Bilby, Mark Luke Through the Centuries
? Fiddes, Paul S. Romans Through the Centuries
? Økland, Jorunn 1 Corinthians Through the Centuries
? Maier, Harry O. Colossians and Philemon Through the Centuries
? Lyons, John Hebrews Through the Centuries