International Theological Commentary (Eerdmans)

International in both scope, authorship, and theological approach, the International Theological Commentary (ITC) moves beyond a descriptive-historical approach to offer a relevant exegesis of the Old Testament text as Holy Scripture. The series aims, first, to develop the theological significance of the Old Testament and, second, to emphasize the relevance of each book for the life of the Church.

Recognizing that especially in our age, a commentary on the Bible must transcend the parochialism of Western civilization, the ITC series is sensitive to issues that are the special problems of those who live outside the "Christian" West. Authors from more than seventeen countries, representing a wide range of geographical, ideological, and ecclesiastical backgrounds, read the Hebrew text of the Old Testament in the twin contexts of Israel and our present day.

Series Editors: Frederick C. Holmgren and George A. F. Knight

N.B. This series is not to be confused with the newer "International Theological Commentary" published by Bloomsbury T&T Clark, which is a companion to the renown ICC series.