Forms of the Old Testament Literature

The Forms of the Old Testament Literature (FOTL) is a series of volumes that seeks to present, according to a standard outline and methodology, a form-critical analysis of every book or unit of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). Fundamentally exegetical, each volume examines the structure, genre, setting, and intention of the biblical literature in question. The series also endeavors to study the history behind the form-critical discussion of the material, to bring consistency to the terminology for the genres and formulas of the biblical literature, and to expose the exegetical procedure in such a way as to enable students and pastors to engage in their own analysis and interpretation.

Series Editors: Rolf P. Knierim, Gene M. Tucker, Marvin A. Sweeney



? Hutton, Rodney Leviticus
? Tiffany, Frederick G. Deuteronomy
? Richards, Kent Ezra-Nehemiah
? Weis, Richard D. Jeremiah