Judges and Ruth
Judges and Ruth

Judges and Ruth

in New Cambridge Bible Commentary

by Victor H. Matthews

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Pages 292
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9780521000666


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R. Hansen R. Hansen September 24, 2008
This is an excellent easier to read commentary. It ably does what this commentary series sets out to do in giving good historical, cultural and literary background needed to understand the text and then show how each passage fits in its larger literary context – both the whole of the book of judges and the whole of the Bible's story. Matthews is especially excellent in giving good historical background. Though this commentary is not nearly filled with as much scholarly detail and argumentation at Block's commentary, it often gives a different perspective the Block. This commentary would be a great choice for those first starting out in their study of Judges or leading a Bible Study group, Sunday School or undergraduate class. Also, for one who just wants a good easy to read book to help one understand Judges (leaving much of the more detailed interpretive decisions to the reader), this would be a good first choice. In terms of devotional insights and helps, a pastor will probably want to start with both Wilcox and Davis.