Life After Death (Thinking Clearly)
Life After Death (Thinking Clearly)

Life After Death (Thinking Clearly)

by Graham H. Twelftree

Pages 224
Publisher Monarch Books
Published 2003
ISBN-13 9781854245250
Few of us can remain indifferent to our personal fate. Is death the end? If there is an after-life, what is it going to be like? Will we be absorbed into a spiritual realm? Will we still have some kind of body? "We may never know the answers to these questions with the certainty some crave," observes Graham Twelftree. "However, through this book I hope readers will become clearer about the possibilities and also understand the Christian expectation that death is not the end - at least for those who die in Christ. "If the Bible is important in forming your views you will probably assume that this book will confirm your views. I cannot promise such a comfortable journey. Thinking clearly with the Bible open can turn up some challenging conclusions."


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