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Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews (Viewpoints) eds. Bateman IV, Herbert W. 480 2007
Charts on the Book of Hebrews Bateman IV, Herbert W. 272 CBT 2012
The Theology of the Letter to the Hebrews Lindars, Barnabas 172 NTT 1991
Faith and the Faithfulness of Jesus in Hebrews Easter, Matthew C. 365 SNTSMS 2014
The Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian Theology eds. Bauckham, Richard J. 474 2009
Hebrews and the Temple: Attitudes to the Temple in Second Temple Judaism and in Hebrews (Novum Testamentum, Supplements) Church, Philip 646 2017
Lukan Authorship of Hebrews Allen, David L. 432 NAC-SBT 2010
Hebrews and Hermeneutics: The Epistle to the Hebrews as a New Testament Example of Biblical Interpretation Hughes, Graham 232 SNTSMS 2004
The Melchizedek Tradition: A Critical Examination of the Sources to the Fifth Century A.D. and in the Epistle to the Hebrews Horton Jr., Fred L. 208 SNTSMS 2005
Interpreting the Epistle to the Hebrews Trotter, Andrew H. 222 GNTE 1997
Cosmology and Eschatology in Hebrews: The Settings of the Sacrifice Schenck, Kenneth L. 236 SNTSMS 2010
The Epistle to the Hebrews: Its Background of Thought Hurst, L. D. 224 SNTSMS 2005
Covenant and Sacrifice in the Letter to the Hebrews Dunnill, John 312 SNTSMS 2005
Endurance in Suffering: Hebrews 12:1-13 in its Rhetorical, Religious, and Philosophical Context Croy, N. Clayton 264 SNTSMS 2005
Hebrews and Perfection: An Examination of the Concept of Perfection in the Epistle to the Hebrews Peterson, David G. 324 SNTSMS 2005
Resisting Empire: Rethinking the Purpose of the Letter to "the Hebrews" Whitlark, Jason A. 248 LNTS 2014
Hebrews and Divine Speech Griffiths, Jonathan I. 216 LNTS 2014
You Are My Son: The Family of God in the Epistle to the Hebrews Peeler, Amy L. B. 240 LNTS 2014
Psalm 110 and the Logic of Hebrews Compton, Jared 240 LNTS 2015
God Has Spoken in His Son: A Biblical Theology of Hebrews [Plagiarism Acknowledged] O'Brien, Peter T. 272 NSBT 2016
Suffering in the Face of Death: The Epistle to the Hebrews and Its Context of Situation Dyer, Bryan R. 224 LNTS 2017
The New Covenant in Hebrews Lehne, Susanne 184 LNTS 1997
Proleptic Priests: Priesthood in the Epistle to the Hebrews Scholer, John 243 LNTS 1991
Divine Discourse in the Epistle to the Hebrews: The Recontextualization of Spoken Quotations of Scripture Pierce, Madison N. SNTSMS 2020
Reading Hebrews and 1 Peter with the African American Great Migration: (Dis)Locating Diaspora Kaalund, Jennifer T. 224 LNTS 2018
Inventing Hebrews: Design and Purpose in Ancient Rhetoric Martin, Michael Wade; Whitlark, Jason A. SNTSMS 2018
Sacred Space: An Approach to the Theology of the Epistle to the Hebrews Isaacs, Marie E. 253 LNTS 1992
Jesus' Death and Heavenly Offering in Hebrews Jamieson, R. B. SNTSMS 2019
Going Outside the Camp: The Sociological Function of the Levitical Critique in the Epistle to the Hebrews Johnson, Richard 177 LNTS 2002
Legitimation in the Letter to the Hebrews: The Construction and Maintenance of a Symbolic Universe Salevao, Iutisone 458 LNTS 2002
A Discourse Analysis of the Letter to the Hebrews: The Relationship between Form and Meaning Westfall, Cynthia Long 352 LNTS 2006
The Rhetoric of Response: A Classical Rhetorical Reading of Hebrews 10:32-12:13 Maxey, Lee Zachary; Keith, Chris 384 LNTS 2007
A Cloud of Witnesses: The Theology of Hebrews in its Ancient Contexts Landgraf, Paul David; Laansma, Jon C.; Still, Todd D.; Richardson, Christopher; Moffitt, David M.; Caneday, Ardel B.; Whitfield, Bryan; Blomberg, Craig L.; Joslin, Barry; Gräbe, Petrus; Cockerill, Gareth Lee; Church, Philip; Lindsay, Dennis R.; Muir, Steven; Clivaz, Claire; Ramelli, Ilaria L. E. 254 LNTS 2008
Christology, Hermeneutics, and Hebrews: Profiles from the History of Interpretation Laansma, Jon C.; Young, Frances M.; Bingham, D. Jeffrey; Kannengiesser, Charles; Keating, Daniel; Mattox, Mickey L.; Allen, Michael; Kapic, Kelly M.; McCormack, Bruce L.; Treier, Daniel J.; Atwood, Christopher; Attridge, Harold W.; Hagner, Donald A.; Greene-McCreight, Kathryn 288 LNTS 2012
A Biblical Theology of Hebrews Kennard, Douglas W. 186 2018
So Great A Salvation: A Dialogue on the Atonement in Hebrews Morales, L. Michael; Stuckenbruck, Loren T.; Perrin, Nicholas; Anatolios, Khaled; Schnabel, Eckhard J.; Jobes, Karen H.; Treier, Daniel J.; Levering, Matthew; Allen, Michael; Moffitt, David M.; Peeler, Amy L. B.; Thiessen, Matthew; Gignilliat, Mark S.; Guthrie, George H.; Westfall, Cynthia Long; Gelardini, Gabriella; Attridge, Harold W. 384 LNTS 2019
Faith and the Faithfulness of Jesus in Hebrews (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, Series Number 160) Easter, Matthew C. 279 2018

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forthcoming Westfall, Cynthia Long Hebrews New Word Biblical Themes: New Testament Series
forthcoming Westfall, Cynthia Long Hebrews Zondervan Critical Introductions to the New Testament
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