Reading Hebrews in Context: The Sermon and Second Temple Judaism
Reading Hebrews in Context: The Sermon and Second Temple Judaism

Reading Hebrews in Context: The Sermon and Second Temple Judaism

by eds. Blackwell, Ben C.; Goodrich, John K.; Maston, Jason

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Pages 224
Publisher Zondervan Academic
Published 2023
ISBN-13 9780310116011
Study Hebrews in its Second Temple Context
Following the proven model established in Reading Romans in Context, Reading Mark in Context, and Reading Revelation in Context, this book brings together a series of accessible essays that compare and contrast the theology and hermeneutical practices of the book of Hebrews with various early Jewish literature.
Going beyond an introduction that merely surveys historical events and theological themes, this textbook examines individual passages in Second Temple Jewish literature in order to illuminate the ideas and emphases of Hebrews' varied discourses. Following the rhetorical progression of Hebrews, each chapter in this textbook:
  • pairs a major unit of Hebrews with one or more sections of a thematically related Jewish text
  • introduces and explores the historical and theological nuances of the comparative text
  • shows how the ideas in the comparative text illuminate those expressed in Hebrews

In addition to the focused comparison provided in the essays, Reading Hebrews in Context offers other student-friendly features that help them engage broader discussions, including an introductory chapter that familiarizes students with the world and texts of Second Temple Judaism and a glossary of important terms. The end of each chapter contains a list of other thematically-relevant Second Temple Jewish texts recommended for further study and a focused bibliography pointing students to critical editions and higher-level discussions in scholarly literature they might use to undertake their own comparative studies.


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