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The Sacred Bridge: Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World Rainey, Anson F.; Notley, R. Steven 448 2005
The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology Pate, C. Marvin; Duvall, J. Scott; Hays, J. Daniel; Richards, E. Randolph; Tucker Jr., W. Dennis; Vang, Preban 320 2004
A Biblical History of Israel Provan, Iain W.; Long, V. Philips; Longman III, Tremper 416 2003
Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple (Revised & Expanded) Shanks, Hershel 356 1999
A History of Ancient Israel and Judah, Second Edition Miller, James Maxwell; Hayes, John Haralson 552 2006
A History of Israel Bright, John 533 2000
Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel Merrill, Eugene H. 560 2008
The History of Ancient Palestine: (from the Palaeolithic Period to Alexander's Conquest) Ahlstrom, Goska W.; Rollefson, Gary O. 1026 1993
What Did the Biblical Writers Know and When Did They Know It?: What Archaeology Can Tell Us About the Reality of Ancient Israel Dever, William G. 2002
Israel's History and the History of Israel (BibleWorld) Liverani, Mario 416 2007
A Brief History of Ancient Israel Matthews, Victor H. 192 2002
A History of Ancient Israel: From the Beginnings to the Bar Kochba Revolt, A.D. 135 Soggin, J. Alberto 436 1985
Who Were the Early Israelites and Where Did They Come From? Dever, William G. 280 2006
Israel and the Nations: The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple Bruce, F. F.; Payne, David F. 258 1998
Warrior, Dancer, Seductress, Queen: Women in Judges and Biblical Israel Ackerman, Susan 368 AYBRL 1998
God's People in God's Land: Family, Land and Property in the Old Testament Wright, Christopher J. H. 284 BTCL 1997
Archaeology, History & Society in Galilee: The Social Context of Jesus and the Rabbis Horsley, Richard A. 256 1996
From Babel to Babylon: Essays on Biblical History and Literature in Honor of Brian Peckham eds. Wood, Joyce Rilett; Harvey, John D.; Leuchter, Mark A. 400 LHBOTS 2006
Education in Ancient Israel: Across the Deadening Silence Crenshaw, James L. 320 AYBRL 1998
History and Prophecy: The Development of Late Judean Literary Traditions Peckham, Brian 832 AYBRL 1993
Show Them No Mercy: 4 Views on God and Canaanite Genocide Gundry, Stanley N.; Cowles, C. S.; Merrill, Eugene H.; Gard, Daniel L.; Longman III, Tremper 224 CP 2003
 Covenant and Creation: A Theology of the Old Testament Covenants Dumbrell, William J. 217 BTCL 2002
Worship in Ancient Israel: Its Form and Meaning (S.P.C.K. Large Paperbacks 29) Rowley, H. H. 304 1976
History of Israelite Religion (S.P.C.K. Large Paperbacks 36) Fohrer, Georg 416 1981
The Cosmic Mountain in Canaan and the Old Testament Clifford, Richard J. 236 2010
God and Temple: The Idea of the Divine Presence in Ancient Israel Clements, Ronald E. 176 2016
Galilee: History, Politics, People Horsley, Richard A. 357 1995
A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period, Volume 1: From the Beginnings to the End of the Monarchy Albertz, Rainer 384 OTLM 1994
A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period, Volume 2: From the Exile to the Maccabees Albertz, Rainer 384 OTLM 1994
Ancient Israel's History: An Introduction to Issues and Sources Arnold, Bill T.; Hess, Richard S. 464 2014
A Social History of Hebrew: Its Origins Through the Rabbinic Period Schniedewind, William M. 280 AYBRL 2013
The Empty Men: The Heroic Tradition of Ancient Israel Mobley, Gregory 320 AYBRL 2005
By the Irrigation Canals of Babylon: Approaches to the Study of the Exile eds. Ahn, John J.; Middlemas, Jill A. 208 LHBOTS 2014
Exile and Restoration Revisited: Essays on the Babylonian and Persian Periods in Memory of Peter R. Ackroyd eds. Knoppers, Gary N.; Grabbe, Lester L. 237 2011
Qumran and Jerusalem: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the History of Judaism Schiffman, Lawrence H. 500 SDSSRL 2010
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hasmonean State Eshel, Hanan 220 SDSSRL 2008
Religion in the Dead Sea Scrolls Collins, John J.; Kugler, Robert A. 177 SDSSRL 2000
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origins of the Bible Ulrich, Eugene 327 SDSSRL 1999
Gibeon and Israel: The Role of Gibeon and the Gibeonites in the Political and Religious History of Early Israel Blenkinsopp, Joseph 168 SOTSMS 2009
The Meaning of Būmâ in the Old Testament: A Study of Etymological, Textual and Archaeological Evidence Vaughan, Patrick H. 108 SOTSMS 2009
The Way of the Wilderness A Geographical Study of the Wilderness Itineraries in the Old Testament Davies, Graham I. 152 SOTSMS 2012
Hebrew Life and Literature: Selected Essays of Bernhard Lang  Lang, Bernhard 252 SOTSMS 2008
'There's such Divinity doth Hedge a King' 'There's such Divinity doth Hedge a King' Selected Essays of Nicolas Wyatt on Royal Ideology in Ugaritic and Old Testament Literature  Wyatt, Nicolas 312 SOTSMS 2005
Israel and Babylon: The Babylonian Influence on Israelite Religion Gunkel, Hermann 78 2009
In Quest of the Historical Pharisees eds. Neusner, Jacob; Chilton, Bruce D. 548 2007
Exclusive Inclusivity: Identity Conflicts between the Exiles and the People who Remained (6th-5th Centuries BCE) Rom-Shiloni, Dalit 256 LHBOTS 2015
Women's Divination in Biblical Literature: Prophecy, Necromancy, and Other Arts of Knowledge Hamori, Esther J. 272 AYBRL 2015
Exploring the Narrative: Jerusalem and Jordan in the Bronze and Iron Ages: Papers in Honour of Margreet Steiner Dijkstra, Meindert; Vriezen, Karel; Kaptijn, Eva; London, Gloria; Schuster, Robert; Groot, Niels; Routledge, Bruce; Herr, Larry; Daviau, Michele; Boertien, Jeannette; Mulder, Noor; Petit, Lucas; Boas, Dinie; Bienkowski, Piotr; van Bekkum, Koert; Kafafi, Zeidan; Faust, Avraham; Franklin, Norma; de Hulster, Izaak J.; de Vos, Cor; van der Steen, Eveline; Gibson, Shimon; Kletter, Raz 464 LHBOTS 2015
Poets, Prophets, and Texts in Play: Studies in Biblical Poetry and Prophecy in Honour of Francis Landy Exum, J. Cheryl; Sabo, Peter; Hughes, Aaron W.; Black, Fiona; Chomyn, Lauren; Arbel, Daphna; Clines, David J. A.; Berge, Kåre; Ben Zvi, Ehud; Edelman, Diana Vikander; Davies, Philip R.; Gow, Andrew; Sawyer, John F. A.; Linville, James R.; Camp, Claudia V.; Pyper, Hugh; Berger, Benjamin 272 LHBOTS 2015
The Prophets of Israel Kratz, Reinhard G. 120 CSHB 2014
Judah Between East and West: The Transition from Persian to Greek Rule (ca. 400-200 BCE) Aitken, James K.; Finkelstein, Israel; Grabbe, Lester L.; Honigman, Sylvie; Kasher, Aryeh; Kloner, Amos; Lipschits, Oded; Mor, Menachem; Ray, John; van der Steen, Eveline; Stuckenbruck, Loren T.; Tal, Oren; Tiemeyer, Lena-Sofia 336 LSTS 2012
A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period: Volume 2: The Coming of the Greeks: The Early Hellenistic Period (335-175 BCE) Grabbe, Lester L. 458 LSTS 2011
A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period: Volume 1: Yehud, a History of the Persian Province of Judah Grabbe, Lester L. 480 LSTS 2004
Exile and Restoration Revisited: Essays on the Babylonian and Persian Periods in Memory of Peter R. Ackroyd Becking, Bob; Bergsma, John S.; Blenkinsopp, Joseph; Eskenazi, Tamara Cohn; Fulton, Deirdre N.; Grabbe, Lester L.; Jigoulov, Vadim S.; Kratz, Reinhard G.; Meyers, Eric M.; Middlemas, Jill A.; Ristau, Kenneth A. 237 LSTS 2011
Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods: Volume 2: The Archaeological Record from Cities, Towns, and Villages eds. Fiensy, David A.; Strange, James Riley 272 2015
Envisioning Writing: Texts and Power in Early Judaism Polaski, Donald C. 256 LHBOTS 2016
Colonial Education and Class Formation in Early Judaism: A Postcolonial Reading Victor, Royce M. 224 LSTS 2010
A Time of Change: Judah and its Neighbours in the Persian and Early Hellenistic Periods Ambar-Armon, Einat; Kloner, Amos; Faust, Avraham; Edelman, Diana Vikander; Avissar, Rona S.; Uziel, Joe; Maeir, Aren M.; Eshel, Hanan; Porten, Bezalel; Yardeni, Ada; Eshel, Esther; Fried, Lisbeth S.; Stern, Ian; Levin, Yigal 288 LSTS 2007
Under Every Green Tree: Popular Religion in Sixth-Century Judah (Harvard Semitic Monographs - HSM 46) Ackerman, Susan 272 1992
When Heroes Love: The Ambiguity of Eros in the Stories of Gilgamesh and David Ackerman, Susan 336 2005
History, Politics and the Bible from the Iron Age to the Media Age Hjelm, Ingrid; Coote, Robert B.; Pfoh, Emanuel; Davies, Philip R.; Lemche, Niels Peter; West, Jim; Van Seters, John; Galbraith, Deane; Clines, David J. A.; Crossley, James G. 192 LHBOTS 2016
Revealed Histories: Techniques for Ancient Jewish and Christian Historiography Hall, Robert G. 288 LSTS 2015
Midian, Moab and Edom: The History and Archaeology of Late Bronze and Iron Age Jordan and North-West Arabia Bennett, Crystal-Margaret; MacDonald, Burton; Yassine, Khair; Bawden, Garth; Oakeshott, M. F.; Rothenberg, Beno; Glass, Jonathan; Merkel, John F.; Sawyer, John F. A.; Bartlett, John R.; Knauf, Ernst Axel; Payne, Elizabeth J. 172 LHBOTS 1983
Threshing Floors in Ancient Israel Waters, Jaime L. 192 ES 2015
Redating the Exodus and Conquest Bimson, John J. 351 LHBOTS 1978
Cult of Molek: A Reassessment Heider, George C. 466 LHBOTS 1987
The Old Testament and Folklore Study Kirkpatrick, Patricia G. 152 LHBOTS 1988
The Holy Spirit before Christianity Levison, John R. 272 2019
Five Views on the Exodus: Historicity, Chronology, and Theological Implications Hoffmeier, James K.; Rendsburg, Gary A.; Stripling, Scott; Feinman, Peter; Hendel, Ronald S. 288 CP 2021
The Spirit within Me: Self and Agency in Ancient Israel and Second Temple Judaism Newsom, Carol A. 296 AYBRL 2021
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