Critical Studies in the Hebrew Bible

As the academic world continues to be inundated with ponderous tomes, Eisenbrauns decided to try a different approach for Hebrew Bible studies. Our new series features monographs in any area of the critical study of the Hebrew Bible and aims to provide three things with each volume:

  • Top-tier scholarship—All our series are known for their academic rigor, and we want CSHB to be no different. Each volume must demonstrate meticulous scholarship. The series was developed in collaboration with Nathan MacDonald, Anselm Hagedorn, and Stuart Weeks, who now serve on the editorial board.
  • Conciseness—Believing brevity to be a virtue, we will accept monographs between 30,000 and 50,000 words. We hope to encourage authors to present their arguments succinctly so that reading a volume need not be a long-term commitment.
  • Affordability—Academic book prices continue to rise, but we intend to maintain prices of about $20-$30 for each volume. If that doesn't seem low enough, set up a standing order for the series and you will receive an additional 20% off every new installment. These are books even a grad student can afford.

Editors: Nathan MacDonald, Anselm Hagedorn, and Stuart Weeks