1–2 Thessalonians
1–2 Thessalonians
Non-Western or BIPOC

1–2 Thessalonians

in New Covenant Commentary Series

by Nijay K. Gupta

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Pages 204
Publisher Wipf & Stock
Published 7/12/2016
ISBN-13 9781625644480
In the first century, the Thessalonian church grieved deaths in their community, endured harsh persecution, and struggled with questions about the future. Paul offered them the comforts and reassurances of hope in the Messiah Jesus. But he offered far more than wishful thinking or pie-in-the-sky comfort. Paul's emphasis on hope in the Messiah Jesus involved capturing a vision of God's redeemed and just future in order to see and live faithfully today. Paul did not believe in a passive hope, but an active hope where, if the Day of the Messiah is a beacon, believers set their course and diligently move toward it. That diligence is especially captured by love for Christian brothers and sisters, commitment to honest and productive work, and obedience to the truth of the gospel of Lord Messiah Jesus.


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy November 8, 2022
It's excellent, though Nijay needs to stretch his legs in a longer commentary.
Nijay K. Gupta Nijay K. Gupta September 27, 2019
While he was too humble to include it himself, the Editors would like to make a special mention of Gupta’s own exceptional contribution to the recent commentaries on 1 & 2 Thessalonians. It speaks for itself, even if he defers. [Full Review]