The Galatians Debate: Contemporary Issues in Rhetorical and Historical Interpretation
The Galatians Debate: Contemporary Issues in Rhetorical and Historical Interpretation

The Galatians Debate: Contemporary Issues in Rhetorical and Historical Interpretation

by Hans Dieter Betz, Robert G. Hall, Joop Smit, Robert M. Berchman, Troy W. Martin, Carl Joachim Classen, Nils Alstrup Dahl, G. Walter Hansen, Paul E. Koptak, Johan S. Vos, James D. Hester, James D. G. Dunn, Paula Fredriksen, Philip Francis Esler, Mark D. Nanos, A. E. Harvey, Robert Jewett, J. Louis Martyn, Nikolaus Walter, John M. G. Barclay, B. C. Lategan, and Dieter Mitternacht

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Pages 517
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 10/1/2002
ISBN-13 9780801047275
Students and scholars reading the secondary literature on Galatians must often negotiate specialized language and complex lines of argument. In addition to the theological jargon that traditionally characterizes discussion of Galatians, one now encounters a significant amount of rhetorical and sociohistorical terminology, and the reader's familiarity with this specialized language is increasingly assumed.

This volume is designed to facilitate familiarity with the contemporary issues central to the interpretation of Galatians and to present examples of the prevailing points of view as well as some recent challenges to them. The essays included explore the rhetorical and epistolary approaches to examining Galatians, comprise a comprehensive introduction to significant research in the field, and represent some of the best work available. Mark Nanos offers an introduction and glossary of terms to help students begin their study and a comprehensive volume bibliography and modern author and ancient sources indexes for those who are continuing on to further study.

  • Table of Contents:
  • The literary composition and function of Paul's letter to the Galatians / Hans Dieter Betz
  • The rhetorical outline for Galatians : a reconsideration / Robert G. Hall
  • The letter of Paul to the Galatians : a deliberative speech / Joop Smit
  • Galatians (1:1-5) : Paul and Greco-Roman rhetoric / Robert M. Berchman
  • Apostasy to paganism : the rhetorical stasis of the Galatian controversy / Troy Martin
  • St. Paul's Epistles and ancient Greek and Roman rhetoric / Carl Joachim Classen
  • Paul's letter to the Galatians : epistolary genre, content, and structure / Nils A. Dahl
  • A paradigm of the apocalypse : the Gospel in the light of epistolary analysis / G. Walter Hansen
  • Rhetorical identification in Paul's autobiographical narrative : Galatians 1.13-2.14 / Paul E. Koptak
  • Paul's argumentation in Galatians 1-2 / Johan s. Vos
  • Epideictic rhetoric and persona in Galatians one and two / James D. Hester
  • The incident at Antioch (Gal. 2.11-18) / James D.G. Dunn
  • Judaism, the circumcision of Gentiles, and apocalyptic hope : another look at Galatians 1 and 2 / Paula Fredriksen
  • Making and breaking an agreement mediterranean style : a new reading of Galatians 2:1-14 / Philip F. Esler
  • What was at stake in Peter's 'eating with Gentiles' at Antioch? / Mark D. Nanos
  • The opposition to Paul / A. E. Harvey
  • The agitators and the Galatian congregation / Robert Jewett
  • A law-observant mission to Gentiles / J. Louis Martyn
  • Paul and the opponents of the Christ-Gospel in Galatia / Nikolaus Walter ; translation by Mark D. Nanos
  • Mirror-reading a polemical letter : Galatians as a test case / John M.G. Barclay
  • The argumentative situation of Galatians / B.C. Lategan
  • The inter- and intra-Jewish political conText of Paul's letter to the Galatians / Mark D. Nanos
  • Foolish Galatians?-a recipient-oriented assessment of Paul's letter / Dieter Mitternacht.

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Phillip J. Long Phillip J. Long July 29, 2017
Similar to The Romans Debate edited by K. P. Donfried, Nanos’s collection of essays are drawn from a wide variety of journals and collections. Unlike that previous volume, these articles are collected thematically, illustrating various approaches to Galatians: Rhetorical, Epistolary, Autobiographical, and Socio-Historical. Eight essays are devoted to the “Galatian Situation.” I personally have found the four essays under the heading of Socio-Historical approaches to be the most helpful for my own research in the book of Galatians, especially Dunn’s classic essay on the Incident at Antioch (which was revised for Beginning at Jerusalem) and Nanos’s own article on Eating with the Gentiles. [Full Review]
Robert M. Bowman Jr. Robert M. Bowman Jr. December 11, 2016
Essays, generally by liberal and secular scholars, exemplifying rhetorical and socio-historical approaches to NT studies and contemporary academic scholarship on the interpretation of Galatians. [Full Review]