Special Studies in Galatians

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Interpreting Galatians: Explorations in Exegetical Method Silva, Moisés 256 2001
The Galatians Debate: Contemporary Issues in Rhetorical and Historical Interpretation Betz, Hans Dieter; Hall, Robert G.; Smit, Joop; Berchman, Robert M.; Martin, Troy W.; Classen, Carl Joachim; Dahl, Nils Alstrup; Hansen, G. Walter; Koptak, Paul E.; Vos, Johan S.; Hester, James D.; Dunn, James D. G.; Fredriksen, Paula; Esler, Philip Francis; Nanos, Mark D.; Harvey, A. E.; Jewett, Robert; Martyn, J. Louis; Walter, Nikolaus; Barclay, John M. G.; Lategan, B. C.; Mitternacht, Dieter 517 2002
Paul and the Crucified Christ in Antioch: Maccabean Martyrdom and Galatians 1 and 2 Cummins, Stephen Anthony 306 SNTSMS 2001
Recovering Paul's Mother Tongue: Language and Theology in Galatians Eastman, Susan Grove 224 2007
Paul and the Stories of Israel: Grand Thematic Narratives in Galatians eds. Das, A. Andrew 240 2016
The Faith of Jesus Christ: The Narrative Substructure of Galatians 3:1-4:11 (The Biblical Resource Series) Hays, Richard B. 308 2002
Galatians Re-Imagined (Paul in Critical Contexts) Kahl, Brigitte 450 2014
Galatians Gupta, Nijay K. 176 NWBTNT 2024
The Theology of Paul's Letter to the Galatians Dunn, James D. G. 180 NTT 1993
Galatians Brown, Derek R. LRC 2012
Galatians and Christian Theology: Justification, the Gospel, and Ethics in Paul's Letter Elliott, Mark W.; Hafemann, Scott J.; Wright, N. T.; Frederick, John 384 2014
Rhetoric and Galatians: Assessing an Approach to Paul's Epistle Kern, Philip H. 324 SNTSMS 2007
Paul: Crisis in Galatia: A Study in Early Christian Theology Howard, George 152 SNTSMS 2004
Zeal Without Knowledge: The Concept of Zeal in Romans 10, Galatians 1, and Philippians 3 Ortlund, Dane C. 208 LNTS 2014
Crucifixion and New Creation: The Strategic Purpose of Galatians 6.11-17 Hubing, Jeff 224 LNTS 2015
The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians Turley, Stephen Richard 208 LNTS 2015
The Unity of Male and Female in Jesus Christ: An Exegetical Study of Gal 3.28c in Light of Paul's Theology of Promise Uzukwu, Gesila Nneka 224 LNTS 2015
Abraham in Galatians: Epistolary and Rhetorical Contexts Hansen, G. Walter 336 LNTS 2015
The Law in Galatians Hong, In-Gyu 231 LNTS 1993
Gospel in Paul: Studies on Corinthians, Galatians and Romans for Richard N. Longenecker Jervis, L. Ann; Hurd, John C.; Mitchell, Margaret M.; Richardson, Peter; Fee, Gordon D.; Belleville, Linda L.; Donaldson, Terence L.; Hansen, G. Walter; Hughes, Frank W.; Wright, N. T.; Jewett, Robert; Mason, Steve; Snodgrass, Klyne; Campbell, Douglas A.; Weima, Jeffrey A. D.; Dunn, James D. G. 412 LNTS 1994
God's obedient Messiah and the end of the law: Richard N. Longenecker's understanding of Paul's gospel Jervis, L. Ann 412 LNTS 1994
Good news and the integrity of 1 Corinthians Hurd, John C. 412 1994
Rhetorical shorthand in Pauline argumentation : the functions of "the gospel" in the Corinthian correspondence Mitchell, Margaret M. 412 1994
Temples, altars and living from the gospel (1 Cor. 9.12b-18) Richardson, Peter 412 1994
"Another gospel which you did not embrace" : 2 Corinthians 11.4 and the theology of 1 and 2 Corinthians Fee, Gordon D. 412 1994
Gospel and kerygma in 2 Corinthians Belleville, Linda L. 412 1994
"The gospel that I proclaim among the Gentiles" (Gal. 2.2) : universalistic or Israel-centred? Donaldson, Terence L. 412 1994
A paradigm of the apocalypse : the gospel in the light of epistolary analysis Hansen, G. Walter 412 1994
The gospel and its rhetoric in Galatians Hughes, Frank W. 412 1994
Gospel and theology in Galatians Wright, N. T. 412 1994
Gospel and commensality : social and theological implications of Galatians 2.14 Jewett, Robert 412 1994
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel (Rom. 1.16) : the gospel and the first readers of Romans Mason, Steve 412 1994
The gospel in Romans : a theology of revelation Snodgrass, Klyne 412 1994
Determining the gospel through rhetorical analysis in Paul's letter to the Roman Christians Campbell, Douglas A. 412 1994
Preaching the gospel in Rome : a study of the epistolary framework of Romans Weima, Jeffrey A. D. 412 1994
How new was Paul's gospel? : the problem of continuity and discontinuity Dunn, James D. G. 412 1994
Cutting Too Close for Comfort: Paul's Letter to the Galatians in its Anatolian Cultic Context Elliott, Susan M. 412 LNTS 2004
Paul's Critique of Theocracy: A Theocracy in Corinthians and Galatians Odell-Scott, David 200 LNTS 2004
Community-Identity Construction in Galatians: Exegetical, Social-Anthropological and Socio-Historical Studies Asano, Atsuhiro 284 LNTS 2005
Christ Redeemed 'Us' from the Curse of the Law: A Martyrological Reading of Galatians 3:13 Williams, Jarvis J. 256 LNTS 2019
Paul's Argumentation in Galatians: A Pragma-Dialectical Analysis Hietanen, Mika 232 LNTS 2007
"No Longer Male and Female": Interpreting Galatians 3:28 in Early Christianity Hogan, Pauline Nigh 240 LNTS 2008
'All of You are One': The Social Vision of Gal 3.28, 1 Cor 12.13 and Col 3.11 Hansen, Bruce 256 LNTS 2010
Sharing in the Son’s Inheritance: Davidic Messianism and Paul’s Worldwide Interpretation of the Abrahamic Land Promise in Galatians McCaulley, Esau 240 LNTS 2019
John Chrysostom on Paul: Praises and Problem Passages eds. Mitchell, Margaret M. 882 WGRW 2022
Christ Crucified: A Theology of Galatians Schreiner, Thomas R. 176 NTTCr 2024

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