Brill Septuagint Commentary Series

This multi-volume series fills a significant gap in biblical studies by providing a literary commentary on the Greek text of the Septuagint. The Septuagint is widely recognized as one of the most important interpretations of the Old Testament and one of the most important sources for New Testament study. Whereas there has been much attention devoted to the two testaments, with numerous commentary series having been written, the Septuagint has been virtually neglected as a set of primary texts used by Jewish and Christian religious communities in the Greco-Roman world.

Each commentary follows a format well known in Greek-text commentaries. This includes an introduction to the textual history of the biblical book and consideration of other historical, theological and related topics. The commentary proper includes the Greek text based upon a single Greek manuscript, a translation of this text, and a section-by-section commentary. This commentary series includes commentaries on the individual books of the Septuagint in their own right, without extended reference to the Hebrew text.

Series Editors: Stanley E. Porter, Richard S. Hess, and John Jarick



? Glenny, W. Edward Ruth
? Boda, Mark J. Psalms, Odes
? Westfall, Cynthia Long Daniel
? Glenny, W. Edward The Twelve Prophets
? Porter, Stanley E. 1 Maccabees
? Porter, Stanley E. 2 Maccabees