Hosea, Joel, and Obadiah Through the Centuries
Hosea, Joel, and Obadiah Through the Centuries
Special Study

Hosea, Joel, and Obadiah Through the Centuries

in Blackwell Bible Commentaries

by Bradford A. Anderson

Pages 352
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Published 2024
ISBN-13 978-1-394-23967-2
How have readers through the centuries understood the prophet Hosea’s marriage to an unfaithful woman? Does the prophet Joel really speak about a locust invasion, or is he referring to invading armies? How should we understand the harsh rhetoric that Obadiah uses about Judah’s neighbor Edom?

In Hosea, Joel, and Obadiah Through the Centuries, Bradford A. Anderson provides historical context for these prophetic texts and traditions while offering original insights into their interpretation, use, and impact. Chapter-by-chapter commentary examines the use of these texts in different religious communities, surveys various commentaries and interpretive traditions, and addresses the social and cultural employment of these prophetic works in literature, music, the visual arts, and more.

Each prophetic text is introduced by a chapter containing a brief history of interpretation and discussion of key historical, literary issues, theological, thematic, and rhetorical issues, as well as the religious, social, and cultural reception of the prophet and the book. Throughout the text, recurring “conversation partners” high-light important and interesting trajectories in the afterlives of the prophetic books.

Encompassing Christian, Jewish, and modern critical reception, Hosea, Joel, and Obadiah Through the Centuries is an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students working on these prophetic works, and a must-have resource for scholars, clergy, and religious leaders interested in how the prophets have been employed over the millennia.


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