Belief: Theological Commentary on the Bible

The volumes in Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible from Westminster John Knox Press offer a fresh and invigorating approach to all the books of the Bible. Building on a wide range of sources from biblical studies, the history of theology, the church's liturgical and musical traditions, contemporary culture, and the Christian tradition, noted scholars focus less on traditional historical and literary angles in favor of a theologically focused commentary that considers the contemporary relevance of the texts. This series is an invaluable resource for those who want to probe beyond the backgrounds and words of biblical texts to their deep theological and ethical meanings for the church today.

General Editors: Amy Plantinga Pauw and William C. Placher†



? Sider, Ronald; Itapson, Emmanuel Exodus
? Danaher, William Leviticus and Numbers
? Kirk-Duggan, Cheryl A. Joshua and Judges
? Riggs, Marcia Ruth and Esther
? Lee, Boyung 1 and 2 Kings
? Kim, Grace Ji-Sun 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah
? Kvam, Kris E.; Saliers, Donald E. Psalms
? Johnson, William Stacy Isaiah
? Copeland, M. Shawn Jeremiah
? Sutherland, Arthur Ezekiel
? Carter, J. Kameron Daniel and the Twelve Minor Prophets
? Ford, David F. John
? Malcolm, Lois 2 Corinthians
? Achtemeier, Mark Colossians
? Marshall, Molly Truman 1 and 2 Thessalonians
? Lösel, Steffen Johannine Epistles