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in Belief: Theological Commentary on the Bible

by Justo L. Gonzalez

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Pages 376
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Published 2010
ISBN-13 9780664232016
Historian and theologian Gonzalez presents the beloved Gospel of Luke, who heralds Jesus' birth as "good news of great joy for all the people" (Luke 2:10). González guides us and challenges us to ask, "What is the modern relevance of this text?" The result is a fascinating and important theological discussion of Luke's gospel and its relation to the life and proclamation of the church and its members.

This new series will build on a wide range of sources in areas such as biblical studies, the Christian tradition, popular culture, and the language of Christian worship. Whereas most commentaries emphasize the Bible's ancient meaning, Belief concentrates on the living Word relative to the theological and ethical concerns of today. Noted scholars representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives will ensure a fresh and invigorating approach to the Bible. Nearly half of the volumes in the series will be written by women, and almost a third will be written by persons of color. Authors include Michael Battle, Anna Case-Winters, Harvey Cox, Miguel De La Torre, Boyung Lee, Thomas G. Long, Daniel Migliore, Stephanie Paulsell, Marcia Riggs, Donald Saliers, Ronald Sider, Leanne Van Dyk, and Allen Verhey.


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