in New Testament Library

by Stephen E. Fowl

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Pages 280
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Published 2012
ISBN-13 9780664221256
Even though it was written some two millennia ago, Ephesians still speaks to Christians today in themes quite familiar to the modern reader. In a context where the church had become overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, Gentile, the Christian community needed to be reminded of the priority of Israel and the astonishing work of reconciliation that God willed to accomplish in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This new volume in the highly acclaimed New Testament Library series reveals the great theological promises of Ephesians while discussing issues of context, authorship, and style.


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Nijay Gupta Nijay Gupta August 9, 2019
Fowl is one of the most skilled and respected Pauline theologians in the academy. While his work on Ephesians is rather brief, he demonstrates well his own way of reading texts theologically and canonically. [Full Review]