in Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament

by Peter Oakes

4.5 Rank Score: 4.74 from 2 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 1 user libraries
Pages 256
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2015
ISBN-13 9780801032752
In this volume, respected New Testament scholar Peter Oakes offers a translation and reading of Galatians as presenting a gospel of unity in diversity in Christ. He shows that Paul treats the Galatians' possible abandonment of his gospel as putting at stake their fidelity to Christ. As with other volumes in the Paideia series, this volume is conversant with contemporary scholarship, draws on ancient backgrounds, and attends to the theological nature of the text. Students, pastors, and other readers will appreciate the historical, literary, and theological insight offered in this practical commentary.


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Nijay Gupta Nijay Gupta July 26, 2019
Oakes offers one of the most readable and insightful Galatians commentaries ever written, and he is widely respected as expert ancient historian. [Full Review]
Philip du Toit Philip du Toit March 13, 2016
This is a small to medium sized commentary. Oakes mixes the New Perspective on Paul and a traditional reading of the letter. He argues that Judeans has to trust Christ for justification as opposed to trusting the Law for justification. He views faith in 2:16 as trust "in" Christ (objective genetive), other than most in the New Perspective. On the other hand, he argues that Judean believers continues full Law observance and circumcision and sees 3:10-14 as only pertaining to gentiles. These views seem to stand in some tension with one another. Other than the above, Oakes provides theological (and devotional) reflection after each section of commentary and advances a cruciform reading of Christian ethics.