Roman Catholic


in Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament

by Frank J. Matera

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Publisher Baker Academic
Published 11/1/2010
ISBN-13 9780801031892
In this fresh and readable addition to the Paideia series, well-respected New Testament scholar Frank Matera examines cultural context and theological meaning in Romans. Paideia commentaries explore how New Testament texts form Christian readers by:
  • attending to the ancient narrative and rhetorical strategies the text employs
  • showing how the text shapes theological convictions and moral habits
  • commenting on the final, canonical form of each New Testament book
  • focusing on the cultural, literary, and theological settings of the text
  • making judicious use of maps, photos, and sidebars in a reader-friendly format


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Nijay K. Gupta Nijay K. Gupta June 7, 2019
Matera has excellent exegetical sensibilities and this series includes a nice (albeit brief) set of theological reflections at the end of each segment of commentary. If you have trouble following Paul’s flow of thought in Romans, Matera comes to the rescue. [Full Review]