in Apollos Old Testament Commentary

by Paul Overland

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Pages 688
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 7/21/2022
ISBN-13 9781783597543
Chock-full of pithy sayings, the book of Proverbs presents ancient Israelite advice for leading a flourishing life. What is more, it apparently preserves four divisions of an ancient curriculum for cultivating youthful character, teaching reverence toward God and faithful love of our neighbours.

In this comprehensive commentary, Paul Overland examines Proverbs not as a loose collection of isolated sayings, but as an organised whole that forms a series of cohesive poems. Along with a fresh, annotated translation of each saying, he offers detailed commentary on the form and structure of the text, showing the dynamic development of persuasive thinking marshalled by its author.

Exploring the practical implications for living wisely today as well offering cogent analysis, this is a Bible commentary on Proverbs that will benefit all preachers and serious students of the Bible.

Part of the Apollos Old Testament commentary series, Proverbs follows a clear, helpful structure that provides a thorough exploration of the text – beginning with translation and notes, examining form and structure, offering insightful commentary and ending with a full exposition of the theological message within the framework of biblical theology. It will leave you with a deeper knowledge of the divine and human aspects of Scripture, as well as a broader understanding of its meaning and continued relevance for modern Christians.


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy January 16, 2023
Whilst a technical - and Overland is particularly competent in the languages and literature of both Proverbs itself and the surrounding context - and weighty commentary, this has a devotional heart. It is relatively readable, and Overland's translation and comments are fresh, which this reader found exciting whilst reading this commentary devotionally over a month or so.