in Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

by Thomas Joseph White

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Pages 336
Publisher Brazos Press
Published 5/1/2016
ISBN-13 9781587433467
Exodus recounts the origins of ancient Israel, but it is also a book of religious symbols. How should it be interpreted, especially in light of modern historical-critical study? In this addition to an acclaimed series, a respected scholar offers a theological reading of Exodus that highlights Aquinas's interpretations of the text. As with other volumes in the series, this commentary is ideal for those called to ministry, serving as a rich resource for preachers, teachers, students, and study groups.


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy January 17, 2024
Overall, then, this isn't a commentary I'd recommend to many preachers - except perhaps those in, say, an Anglican context with some folk with Anglo-Catholic formation - beyond the outline piece. It is too tentative, not particularly textual, and Roman Catholic in a way which detracts and distracts from the text. [Full Review]
Theophorus Theophorus December 9, 2023
Excellent commentary that draws on the fourfold sense of scripture in dialogue with St. Thomas Aquinas (who wrote many Biblical commentaries, but not one on Exodus). Very insightful!