Obadiah, Jonah, Micah
Obadiah, Jonah, Micah

Obadiah, Jonah, Micah

in Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

by T. Desmond Alexander, David W. Baker, and Bruce K. Waltke

4.28 Rank Score: 6.76 from 19 reviews, 5 featured collections, and 20 user libraries
Pages 207
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1/1/1989
ISBN-13 9780877842750


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bigcat bigcat June 5, 2020
It is always hard to talk about a book with three authors. Overall it is a solid learning experience if a bit too in-depth at times for an intro commentary. I really think Tyndale should have done the 12 minor prophets in 3 books instead of 5. Obediah is so short you just kind of read through it and say oh. Not bad, not special. Jonah is the highlight of the work. There is a fair amount to talk about since there are many opinions about whether Jonah was real or a story, got swallowed by a whale, could have survived, etc... The author takes a reasoned conservative approach which worked well for me. Micah has a great intro which makes you care about the man and his message. The commentary at points is quite good and other times becomes a one-sided argument with other commentaries.
Martha Berg Martha Berg November 13, 2017
I am a Christian Jew. There is no reason for me to struggle with the commentator's explanations. Yet, I did. Maybe because the author was a poor writer. Maybe because he overwrote on insignificant points and brushed over the important ones. Just seemed flawed.
Mike DaVoice Mike DaVoice November 6, 2017
For years this was my only Jonah reference. So glad I shopped around. Discovered how inadequate this commentary is. My main objection is the Hebrew. I think they missed the mark on the architecture of Jonah. So much beneath the surface that this version doesn't see. Very disappointing.
DZA DZA January 11, 2011
Excellent commentaries on these books by highly recognised evangelical scholars. Suitable for beginners and more advanced students.
The most helpful introductory level commentary on Jonah is in the Tyndale series. The commentary on Jonah in this volume is written by T.D. Alexander. It is clear and concise, and Alexander also argues for the historicity of the events described in the book. [Full Review]
Derek W. H. Thomas Derek W. H. Thomas September 20, 2008
Helpful, but sometimes brief. Evangelical. [Full Review]
Helpful, but sometimes brief. Evangelical. [Full Review]
Helpful, but sometimes brief. Evangelical. [Full Review]