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in Crossway Classic Commentaries

by Martin Luther

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Pages 304
Publisher Crossway
Published 1/1/1998
ISBN-13 9780891079941


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Marcus Maher Marcus Maher January 20, 2013
Luther's commentary is difficult rate. For impact on subsequent understanding of Galatians it's obviously a 5 out of 5. However, I found myself frustrated with the commentary early on. What I realized in the end is that this commentary is an excellent work of systematic theology, or perhaps better put, the type of exegesis done by someone primarily concerned with systematic theology. Luther saw real problems in the church of his day. He saw how Paul's letter addressed those issues and pointed him in another direction doctrinally. What needs to be recognized is that this is all Luther's commentary is. It's not an example of critical exegesis so it shouldn't be evaluated the same way as other commentaries. We also need to make sure that even if we are within the Lutheran tradition that we don't force his view of what Paul was saying to be normative. At the end of the day I did find Luther brilliant, and I do have to force myself to remember that his sitz im leben is greatly different than my own. With that said, I'm not sure how helpful this commentary is to pastors and teachers today. I don't think that there's anything here that you can't get somewhere else. [Full Review]
I would be remiss if I did not mention the great classic commentary by Martin Luther. This commentary has been an inspiration to thousands. It should not be neglected by anyone interested in Paul's letter. [Full Review]
Brian Brown Brian Brown September 13, 2008
Simply one of the best. Luther's application of the text to the universal condition of idolatry expressed through religion is absolutely devastating. Must Read.