The Epistle to the Philippians
The Epistle to the Philippians

The Epistle to the Philippians

in Black's New Testament Commentary

by Markus Bockmuehl

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Pages 352
Publisher Hendrickson
Published 1/1/1998
ISBN-13 9781565633506
Since its appearance nearly 35 years ago, Black's New Testament Commentary Series has been hailed by both scholars and pastors for its insightful interpretations and reliable commentary. Each book in the series includes: an insightful introduction to the important historical, literary, and theological issues; key terms and phrases from the translation highlighted in the commentary where they are discussed; explanations of special Greek or foreign terms; references to important primary and secondary literature; and a Scripture index.Designed to make the latest scholarship on Philippians accessible to a broader readership, this new commentary brings to life both the letter's historical setting and its vigorously theological purpose. A number of important recent studies of the social and religious context of first-century Philippi are here considered for the first time in a commentary, and the author offers a critical engagement with several of the newer approaches to Pauline interpretation, including questions of rhetoric and social convention. Theological highlights include the themes of Christian joy in all circumstances, the Philippians' active 'stake-holding' partnership in the gospel, and above all the pervasive passion for a union with Christ in following his self-humbling example of service. Giving due attention both to the theological heritage of St. Paul's Jewish background and to the Greco-Roman social and religious setting of his readership, this commentary relates a well-grounded understanding of the letter's first-century impact to the wider concerns of Christian theology.


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Bockmuehl’s commentary is good and accessible to students and Bible teachers who haven’t kept up their Greek. His expertise with the scholarly literature and Greco-Roman and Jewish background proves a major strength as he explores Paul’s theological concerns within the appropriate historical context. Carson notes “his treatment of the ‘form’ of God in the so-called Christ hymn is especially suggestive.”
ARM ARM December 14, 2023
One negative review convinced me to buy this book by complaining that Professor Bockmuehl seems to actually believe Scripture. This became my main background source for a study of Philippians - very useful.
Nijay K. Gupta Nijay K. Gupta August 30, 2019
It is unfortunate that Bockmuehl has not written more biblical commentaries, as this one is of extraordinary value, especially given its modest size. Bockmuehl is careful, balanced, well-informed, and theologically sharp. For a quick guide to exegetical matters, he proves consistently reliable. [Full Review]
D. A. Carson D. A. Carson April 4, 2009
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008
Unnatributed-d Unnatributed-d May 26, 2008