Isaiah 40–66
Isaiah 40–66
Special Study

Isaiah 40–66

in Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

by eds. Elliott, Mark W.

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Pages 349
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1/1/2007
ISBN-13 9780830814817
This volume of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture provides patristic commentary on the text of Isaiah 40-66. The ACCS is aimed at pastors, seminarians and lay people interested in Scripture study from the perspective of the early church fathers.Market/AudienceLibrarians and researchersPastorsReaders of church historySeminary students and professorsStudents and professors of biblical studiesStudents and professors of church historyStudents and professors of historical theologyFeatures and BenefitsMakes accessible early Christian commentary on chapters 40 through 66 of IsaiahCovers the period from Clement of Rome (second century) to John of Damascus (mid-eigth century)Illuminates Scripture in the light of classic and consensual Christian faithInforms postcritical Christian reading and exposition of IsaiahIncludes the RSV textRenders ancient Greek, Latin, Coptic and Syriac writings in lucid English translation


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