Commentary on Psalms 1–81
Commentary on Psalms 1–81

Commentary on Psalms 1–81

in Writings from the Greco-Roman World

by Theodore of Mopsuestia

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Pages 1176
Publisher SBL Press
Published 2006
ISBN-13 9781589830608
The Psalms, along with the Gospels, were the staple diet of early Christians eager to develop their spiritual life. From the school of Antioch we are fortunate to have at least partial commentaries on the Psalms from its four major figures, including Theodore, bishop of Mopsuestia in the early fifth century and later regarded as “The Interpreter” by the Syriac church. A work of his early career, this Psalms commentary shows Theodore under the influence of his master Diodore in adopting a historical interpretation, referring individual psalms to David’s life, later kings of Israel, Assyrians, and Babylonians, but rarely to Christ. This commentary illustrates the typical hermeneutical strengths and weaknesses of Antiochene interpretation. Biblical and patristic scholars in a range of disciplines will be pleased to have this significant work available from “The Interpreter.”


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