Homilies on Colossians
Homilies on Colossians

Homilies on Colossians

in Writings from the Greco-Roman World

by John Chrysostom

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Pages 332
Publisher SBL Press
Published 9/3/2021
ISBN-13 9781628374070
Pauline Allen translates Frederick Field’s text of John Chrysostom’s twelve homilies on Paul’s Letter to the Colossians. Chrysostom concentrates in part on the apparently prevalent angel worship in Colossae (in modern Turkey). These homilies provide many details about everyday life in the late Roman period, such as the position of slaves and their treatment as well as various aspects of raising healthy, educated children. The themes of conflict between pagans, Jews, and Christians in the community, as well as the distinction between rich and poor in late antiquity, run throughout the homilies. This latest text and translation volume from WGRW is an essential resource for scholars and students interested in the history of the church.


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