Matthew 14–28
Matthew 14–28

Matthew 14–28

in Eerdmans Critical Commentary

by Walter T. Wilson

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Pages 612
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2022
ISBN-13 9780802881823


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy February 13, 2023
Overall, then, this is an impressive commentary on Matthew that reads the text that we have closely, and is by and large well-engaged with the secondary literature. Practically speaking, this is a 2 volume critical commentary – and that explains the price, and also the twenty plus pages of front matter, (identical) eighty pages of bibliography in each volume, and indices of Modern Authors, Subjects, and Ancient Sources (The latter including but by no means limited to the Bible!). One does wonder if it might have been manageable to squeeze the commentary into one volume (saving 100 pages at least), though it still would have been heft! The two 600+ pages volumes end up being nice to handle and read, with managable margins and a clear layout. Eerdmans have a reputation for producing beautiful sewn hardbacks – and this ECC is no exception. [Full Review]