Paul and the Second Century
Paul and the Second Century

Paul and the Second Century

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Stanley E. Porter, Carl Smith, Michael W. Holmes, Michael F. Bird, Todd D. Still, Paul Foster, Nicholas Perrin, Joel Willitts, Andrew Gregory, Ben C. Blackwell, Andrew M. Bain, Pauline Nigh Hogan, and Mark W. Elliot

Pages 288
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 7/7/2011
ISBN-13 9780567158277
This is an examination of the apostle Paul within the Second Century, focused upon the writings of the Apostolic Fathers. This volume looks at the imprint and influence that the writings of the Apostle Paul had in the second century examining the Pauline corpus in conjunction with key second century figures and texts, such as Ignatius , Polycarp , and the Epistle of Diognetus . As such this volume is an exercise in the Wirkungsgeschichte or 'effective-history' of Paul. It investigates the impact of Paul's legacy and examines how this legacy shaped the Christianity that emerged in the second century as represented by the Apostolic Fathers, the early Christian Apologists, and among Gnostic and Judeo Christian groups. The contributors are experts in their respective areas. Each contributor in turn examines how a given document or group reflects the influence of Paul's life, letters, and theology and the various and even competing ways in which Paul's legacy may be seen to have been appropriated. As such this is the first volume to present an extended juxtaposition of Paul's thought with such a wide selection of writings from the second century. Formerly the Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement , a book series that explores the many aspects of New Testament study including historical perspectives, social-scientific and literary theory, and theological, cultural and contextual approaches, The Early Christianity in Context series, a part of JSNTS , examines the birth and development of early Christianity up to the end of the third century CE. The series places Christianity in its social, cultural, political and economic context. European Seminar on Christian Origins and Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus Supplement are also part of JSNTS .

  • Table of contents
  • Abbreviations
  • Preface
  • Chapter One: Introduction - Joseph R. Dodson
  • Chapter Two: Paul and the Pauline Letter Collection - Stanley E. Porter
  • Chapter Three: Ministry, Martyrdom & Other Mysteries: Pauline Influence on Ignatius of Antioch - Carl Smith
  • Chapter Four: Paul and Polycarp - Michael W. Holmes
  • Chapter Five: The Reception of Paul in the Epistle to Diogenetus - Michael F. Bird
  • Chapter Six: Shadow and Light: Marcion's (Mis)Construal of the Apostle Paul - Todd D. Still
  • Chapter Seven: Justin and Paul - Paul Foster
  • Chapter Eight: Paul and Valentinian Interpretation - Nicholas Perrin
  • Chapter Nine: Paul and Jewish Christians in the Second Century - Joel Willits
  • Chapter Ten: The Acts of Paul and the Legacy of Paul - Andrew Gregory
  • Chapter Eleven: Paul and Irenaeus - Ben Blackwell
  • Chapter Twelve: Tertullian - Paul as Teacher of the Gentile Churches - Andrew M. Bain
  • Chapter Thirteen: Paul and Women in Second Century Christianity - Pauline Nigh Hogan
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Triumph of Paulinism by the Mid-Third Century - Mark W. Elliot
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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