Paul, Luke and the Graeco-Roman World: Essays in Honour of Alexander J.M. Wedderburn
Paul, Luke and the Graeco-Roman World: Essays in Honour of Alexander J.M. Wedderburn

Paul, Luke and the Graeco-Roman World: Essays in Honour of Alexander J.M. Wedderburn

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Heikki Räisänen, Richard H. Bell, Robert Jewett, Margaret E. Thrall, Oda Wischmeyer, Hans Klein, Christian Hoegen-Rohls, Ferdinand Hahn, David E. Aune, David P. Moessner, Stanley E. Porter, Christian Wolff, Richard J. Bauckham, Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn, and James D. G. Dunn

Pages 314
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 10/1/2003
ISBN-13 9780567084903
The quality of contributions in this volume reflects the eminence of Sandy Wedderburn, who taught at St Andrews before moving to Durham and finally to Munich to succeed Ferdinard Hahn. The topics addressed reflect Wedderburn's interests and include a comparison of the Lord's Supper with cultic meals in Qumran and in Hellenistic cults, glossolalia in Acts, the Lukan prologue, 'new creation' in Paul, and Adam and Christ in Romans. The contributors include David Aune, Richard Bauckham, Richard Bell, James Dunn, Ferdinand Hahn, Christina Hoegen-Rohls, Robert Jewett, Hans Klein, H.-W. Kuhn, David Moessner, Stanley Porter, Heikki Raisanen, Margaret Thrall, Oda Wischmeyer and Chrisitian Wolff.

  • Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • List of Contributors
  • Part I - Paul
    • Did Paul expect an earthly kingdom? - Heikki Räisänen
    • The Myth of Adam and the Myth of Christ in Romans 5:12-21 - Richard H. Bell
    • Impeaching God's elect: Romans 8:33-37 in its rhetorical situation - Robert Jewett
    • The initial attraction of Paul's mission in Corinth and of the church he founded there - Margaret E. Thrall
    • Paul's religion: a review of the problem - Oda Wischmeyer
    • Craftsmanship assumptions in Pauline theology - Hans Klein
    • Ktisis and kainē ktisis in Paul's letters - Christian Hoegen-Rohls
    • Observations on the soteriology of the letters to the Colossians and Ephesians - Ferdinand Hahn
  • Part II - Luke
    • Luke 1:1-4: historical or scientific prooimion? - David E. Aune
    • Dionysius's narrative "arrangement" (oikonomia) as the hermeneutical key to Luke's re-vision of the "many" - David P. Moessner
    • The reasons for the Lukan census - Stanley E. Porter
    • Lalein glōssais in the Acts of the Apostles - Christian Wolff
  • Part III - Graeco-Roman World
    • Paul and other Jews with Latin names in the New Testament - Richard Bauckham
    • The Qumran meal and the Lord's Supper in Paul in the context of the Graeco-Roman world - Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn
  • Part IV - In Dialogue with A.J.M. Wedderburn
    • Beyond the Historical Impasse?: in dialogue with A.J.M. Wedderburn - James D. G. Dunn
  • A.J.M. Wedderburn: publications
  • Index of References
  • Index of Authors

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