in Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

by Ian Paul

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Pages 396
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 4/19/2018
ISBN-13 9781783593446
The Book of Revelation is a remarkable text. A fascinating piece of Scripture as well as an extraordinary piece of literature, its interpretation has affected our theology, art and worship, and even international politics. Yet it is widely neglected in the church and almost entirely avoided from the pulpit. In this Tyndale Commentary, Ian Paul takes a disciplined approach to the text, paying careful attention to the ways that John draws from the Old Testament. Additionally, Paul examines how the original audience would have heard this message from John, and then draws helpful comments for contemporary reflection. The Tyndale Commentaries are designed to help the reader of the Bible understand what the text says and what it means. TheIntroduction to each book gives a concise but thorough treatment of its authorship, date, original setting, and purpose. Following a structural Analysis, the Commentary takes the book section by section, drawing out its main themes, and also comments on individual verses and problems of interpretation. Additional Notes provide fuller discussion of particular difficulties. In the new Old Testament volumes, the commentary on each section of the text is structured under three headings: Context, Comment, and Meaning. The goal is to explain the true meaning of the Bible and make its message plain.


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy February 13, 2023
A strong entry in the TNTC from a scholar who isn't afraid to challenge consensus. Very readable.
Fernando Fernando September 27, 2020
Tyndale did well to tecruit a young scholar like Ian Paul for their new series. This commentary is focused on the yext itself, which Paul reads with attention to detail. He is careful to pursue intertextual links as well. The introduction is particularly good!