in Baker Commentary on the Old Testament

by Mark Awabdy

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Pages 656
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 11/14/2023
ISBN-13 9780801035746
This substantive and useful commentary on the book of Numbers is both critically engaged and sensitive to the theological contributions of the text. It is grounded in rigorous scholarship but useful for those who preach and teach.

This is the second volume in a new series on the Pentateuch, which complements other Baker Commentary on the Old Testament series: Historical Books, Wisdom and Psalms, and Prophets. Each series volume covers one book of the Pentateuch, addressing important issues and problems that flow from the text and exploring the contemporary relevance of the Pentateuch.

The series editor is Bill T. Arnold, the Paul S. Amos Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary.


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ThomasCreedy ThomasCreedy January 30, 2024
Overall, then, this commentary is something of a mixed bag. I generally like the BECOT format, and theological slant – and in this, Awabdy continues the series ‘vibe’. There was not much here to raise my eyebrows (beyond the slightly random clericalism I allude to above), but at the same time I did not feel that there was anything that particularly stirred my heart of brought evangelical engagement with the book of Numbers on, very much. There are moments of helpful connection across the Pentateuch, and those with better Hebrew than I may find more value in the textual critical aspects than I did. For preachers wanting more than Wenham’s TOTC, I think Ashley’s NICOT is a more useful technical/semi-technical commentary. That isn’t to say that Awabdy has written a bad commentary, but I can’t be much more enthusiastic than to say that this is a workmanlike commentary on a book of the Bible where we do need a genuinely excellent one. [Full Review]